BBC Red Button Text Service

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Private Frazer
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BBC Red Button Text Service

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According to a letter in the current Radio Times the BBC Red Button Text Service may close because of the internet. I still use it and would be sorry. You can put all your eggs in one basket, and if the one source of information isn't there ...
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Darren Fricker
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Re: BBC Red Button Text Service

Post by Darren Fricker »

Very annoyed at this.

The text based service is far easier and quicker to navigate.

There have been numerous letters in Radio Times over the last few weeks - some from people in rural communities without a decent internet connection or people that aren't so tech savvy and rely on it for information.

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Re: BBC Red Button Text Service

Post by stearn »

Isn't this more to do with the advance of technology and 'older' TVs not supporting the new standards?

Our smart TV, just over 3 years old, can no longer get C4 and 5 catch-up services, and there are other bits that are blank (that must have had some logo in when we bought it!). I read a week or so ago that many Samsung TVs and Roku devices will no longer support various services shortly. As the delivery method 'improves' the old devices just can't be updated to cope

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