Johnny Keating (1927-2015)

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Johnny Keating (1927-2015)

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Re: Johnny Keating (1927-2015)

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It's rather sad that the Edinburgh Evening News perpetrates the myths that Johnny "was reponsible for" the themes for Z-Cars and The Onedin Line. In both cases, he arranged and conducted cover versions for single release, but they weren't his compositions and the TV versions didn't use his music.

Johnny rather regretted that the only his in his own name was something he's rattled off quickly for Piccadilly records. He ought to be remembered for stunning arrangements; great film scores and songs (His score for 'Hotel' was nominated for an Oscar) and an astonishing breadth of musical knowledge - he opened a music school and wrote a number of serious music textbooks.

After being the principle arranger with the famous Ted Heath Band, he arranged and conducted many wonderful albums, first for Decca's innovative Phase 4 Stereo label (London Phase 4 in the USA) and later for Columbia's Studio 2 Stereo label. He arranged and conducted albums with both the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra.

Johnny was a lovely man with a wonderful sense of humour and I was privileged to have known him and his family. I've recorded a tribute programme which will air on radio six international on June 26th at 8pm (UK time). Hopefully it will provide a bit of insight into his varied talents.

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Re: Johnny Keating (1927-2015)

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Re: Johnny Keating (1927-2015)

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And the creator of the marvellous Space Experience album. RIP.

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