(Seemingly) Amber McWilliams (1975-2018)

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(Seemingly) Amber McWilliams (1975-2018)

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Although there's no further information online as yet, and nothing's on the Wikipedia page (I've put it up on the talk page, but if there's no response I'll probably add it anyway), I think this - http://notices.nzherald.co.nz/obituarie ... =188030196 - must be an obituary for the briefly-active juvenile actress, going by the "star of stage and screen" bit, because how likely is it that someone else born in the same year with the same relatively uncommon name would have taken up the same career in a country with such a small population?

In case anyone's wondering what they knew her for, she was in Strangers (an NZ series shown twice by the BBC in the late 80s / early 90s) and the first season of The New Adventures of Black Beauty (partially networked by ITV although the last nine episodes were only shown piecemeal, on a regional basis, some time later) which I was surprised how much I enjoyed when it was shown a while back by the satellite channel Horse & Country.

Curious how her apparent fate - I can't believe the obituary refers to anyone else, though I shall of course retract this in the, I'd say, highly unlikely event that it does - maps on to those of Roderick Shaw and Tony Maiden, both of whom of course appeared in the original series, and to that of far too many other British actors who began their careers at a similar age.

Eerie to think of it now, especially compared to e.g. Hannah Hauxwell who obviously died full of years and memories. 42 is no age - I'm not saying I'm going to spend all my life thinking "I watched things she was in as a child and she was less than five years older than me", but part of me does think that.

(How long since I last posted here? Almost four years, is it? Ah well.)

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Re: (Seemingly) Amber McWilliams (1975-2018)

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RobinCarmody wrote:
(How long since I last posted here? Almost four years, is it? Ah well.)
I wondered when you would come bob-bob-bobbing along.

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