Kenny Lynch (1938-2019)

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Kenny Lynch (1938-2019)

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Looking back he was someone who seemed to appear as a guest on the big TV shows of that ilk in the early/mid 70's. I have to admit I'd forgotten about him until reading today that he'd passed away.


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Re: Kenny Lynch (1938-2019)

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Given your user name I'm surprised you'd forgotten a man who toured with The Beatles and appeared on the cover of "Band On The Run"!

R.I. P. Kenny

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Re: Kenny Lynch (1938-2019)

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Always think of "Get This", Kenny Lynch and Harry Fowler were well matched and very funny together, the banter between them was often more interesting than the item they were presenting.

Also a great singer.
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Re: Kenny Lynch (1938-2019)

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Great fun character, at one time, use to turn up everywhere...always welcome.

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