Tony Garnett (1936-2020)

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Tony Garnett (1936-2020)

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The producer, writer and director Tony Garnett died on 12 January. ... t-obituary

It was life of many aspects and landmark productions, but here are a couple of short pieces about the start of Tony Garnett's career. My colleague Lez Cooke has posted an unpublished interview with Tony Garnett about his earliest TV acting jobs - https://forgottentelevisiondrama.wordpr ... 1936-2020/

John Wyver has posted up the video of another interview with Tony Garnett about his early TV acting work, this time in the 1960 BBC Shakespeare history cycle ‘An Age Of Kings’ - ... e=emb_logo

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Re: Tony Garnett (1936-2020)

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Sorry to hear this, another multi-talented person with an amazing CV.
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Re: Tony Garnett (1936-2020)

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First part of a fascinating interview with Mr Garnett here: ... rd-hewett/

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