Frank Bough (1933 - 2020)

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Nigel Stapley
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Frank Bough (1933 - 2020)

Post by Nigel Stapley »

Grandstand, Breakfast Time, Holiday...and various...erm... saucy activities.

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Re: Frank Bough (1933 - 2020)

Post by Brock »

He was a very accomplished and versatile presenter, and it's sad that his career had to end in such a way.

I first heard the revelations about Frank Bough's private life in a corner shop in Manchester, on a local radio station. I rushed back to where I was living at the time and switched on Radio 4's Six O'Clock News to find out more. There was nothing, as the BBC had chosen not to cover the story. It was some time before I realized what a huge story it was.

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Re: Frank Bough (1933 - 2020)

Post by fatcat »

I seem to recall seeing him in a covert photo dressed in a black leather bike outfit at some sort of party. Which was quite a shock as his image was of a pipe and slippers home-loving family man type of thing, who often included his wife Nesta in his TV appearances.

If he had worn studded black leather LOL to present Grandstand I don't think his demise from TV would have come about in the devasting way it did.

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Re: Frank Bough (1933 - 2020)

Post by Mark »

It was the voice that did it, memories of "Grandstand" coming back.

Also recall watching the very first "Breakfast Time", it was a novelty then.

Private life aside, he was a consummate broadcaster.

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