Geoffrey Palmer (1927-2020)

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Geoffrey Palmer (1927-2020)

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The definition of "lugubrious." RIP

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Re: Geoffrey Palmer (1927-2020)

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Bit of a cock-up on the living front. ... iLOIXouUFg

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Re: Geoffrey Palmer (1927-2020)

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Very sad news. I hadn't realized how old he was - he never made it to "Still With Us".

Excellent in The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin and many other things, but I still thought first of that "slam in the lamb" commercial...

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Re: Geoffrey Palmer (1927-2020)

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Another sad loss this year. At least he had a long innings.
I wonder if he ever got his sausages
Great News Inside, Chums!

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Re: Geoffrey Palmer (1927-2020)

Post by Mark »

I thought "As Time Goes By" was an excellent series, and always enjoyed is performances in that, and of course "Perrin" and "Butterflies".

So many comedy and Drama shows he did, a mention for his " Doctor Who" appearances, and even early shows like "The Army Game".

A very fine all rounder.

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