Skye Aubrey (1945-2020)

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Skye Aubrey (1945-2020)

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US actress who starred in one episode of Brian Clemens 'Thriller' series ('In the Steps of a Dead Man'), recorded at ATV Elstree in 1974, has passed away aged 74.

Was married to Superman producer Ilya Salkind. ... dies-at-74

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Re: Skye Aubrey (1945-2020)

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Sad news, I remember her from "Thriller" of course, but one or two other things as well.

Another case of thinking they are still the same as they were back in the day, always a shock.

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Re: Skye Aubrey (1945-2020)

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Her role in Thriller was highly memorable and she was one of the best American guest stars - perhaps ideally she would have returned for another episode (maybe they tried and it couldn't be arranged). RIP Skye.

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Re: Skye Aubrey (1945-2020)

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Enjoyed many of the American actors turning up in UK productions and Skye had it all..but usually, American tributes to these actors never mention their work in the UK as if perhaps it was some sort of embarrassment?

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