Philip Martin (1938-2020)

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Richard Charles Skryngestone
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Philip Martin (1938-2020)

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Screenwriter Philip Martin has died. ... _2020.html

Great News Inside, Chums!

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Re: Philip Martin (1938-2020)

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Very sad news. "Gangsters" is an outstanding piece of television, and he contributed to so many other things I loved then and now. And he was a lovely man to talk to as well. Thoughts are with his friends and family.

RIP Philip. Thanks for all that amazing entertainment.

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Private Frazer
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Re: Philip Martin (1938-2020)

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I really admired his Star Cops story and sorry to hear he's passed away.
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Re: Philip Martin (1938-2020)

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His "Star Cops" was excellent, and he also wrote the first episode of "Virtual Murder", ("Meltdown To Murder"), about melting paintings, which I thought was the best one.

"Gangsters" was a superb series, which had some amazing surreal moments, so when I heard he was going to write for "Doctor Who", I was really pleased because I thought he had the perfect style for it.

A great loss.

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Billy Smart
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Re: Philip Martin (1938-2020)

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The first installment of a three part interview and tribute on Forgotten Television Drama: Philip Martin (1938-2020) Part One: Philip Martin on Gangsters (BBC Play for Today, 1975, and series, 1976-78) - https://forgottentelevisiondrama.wordpr ... s-1976-78/

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