Brian Parker (1929-2020)

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Brian Parker (1929-2020)

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The television director Brian Parker died last month, shortly after the Blu-ray release of his 1973 Play For Today film, Shakespeare - Or Bust (he was delighted to receive a copy, but didn't have anything to play it on!). My old colleague Lez Cooke had been in correspondence with him last year, and has posted their exchanges as an interview: Brian Parker (1929-2020) - https://forgottentelevisiondrama.wordpr ... 1929-2020/

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Re: Brian Parker (1929-2020)

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Thank's for the link, fascinating stuff, and worked on three great series fav's, "Softly Softly", "The Troubleshooters" and "Hadleigh".

It seems it wasn't all lovely for John Le Mesurier then!

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