Milo O'Shea, actor

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Milo O'Shea, actor

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Milo O'Shea died aged 86 in New York.

Versatile feller. Romeo and Juliet, Barbarella (wasn't he Professor Duran Duran?), Ulysses, Cheers, Frasier, Golden Girls, St Elsewhere, The West Wing.

And, of course, Me Mammy. I remember we used to watch that. My sister and I round that time were playing hangman on the subject of TV. She did that show and I got it straight away as M was the first letter I guessed. Suppose I should send that one to The Times.


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Re: Milo O'Shea, actor

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ctraynor wrote:Milo O'Shea died aged 86 in New York.
I was watching him in 'Come Buttercup Come Daisy' the Out of the Unknown season 1 episode only last week. Aged 86, a good age like so many Irish people seem to achieve. I lived in the middle of Ireland during 2006 and loved it very much. The farmers in their 40's would walk the fields most days with their farthers who would be in their 80's or even 90's and it was so normal no one gave it a second thought.

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Re: Milo O'Shea, actor

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Always a delight to watch. I never, EVER got tired of watching him... His portrayal of Mr. McLeavy in the 1970 big screen interpretation of the 'Loot' was hilarious and of course, who could forget Durand Durand...
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Re: Milo O'Shea, actor

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Yes his screen appearances were somewhat lean compared perhaps to other actors, but always a delight when he did appear in something.

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Re: Milo O'Shea, actor

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Fun as the vision-challenged doctor in 'Steptoe and Son Ride Again'.In 'Carry on Cabby',too.

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