Ravi Shankar (1920 - 2012)

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Ravi Shankar (1920 - 2012)

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His Guardian obituary.

One of the many things Ravi Shankar did for Indian music in the UK was get it shown on mainstream television. Tony Staveacre has contributed a memoir of Shankar's performance on a November 1968 edition of How It Is to today's Guardian; Shankar and his fellow musicians played a piece lasting over twenty minutes long (the failure to prepare for that possibility leading to Mr Staveacre's abrupt departure from HII - as he gallantly mentions in his letter).

Tony Staveacre's item follows his ones on Joe Melia and Philip Jenkinson - he should be invited to say more in print or in conversation, or both, sometime (I wonder what "stuff from work" he has in his attic/cellar/shed/cupboard?).
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