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TV Brain

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A fellow board member on another thread suggested that Kaleidoscope's TV Brain website might be a good resource for a few episode guide queries of mine so I decided to take the plunge for just £6 for a months subscription. Whilst it hasn't actually answered my main query, I have picked up enough information about other programmes to make it worthwhile. My concern, however, is that a monthly payment plan has been set up and as I really don't have much further use for the site am I able to cancel this at any time or am I now tied into some sort of contract? The other query I have is how to make the most of the subscription? Thus far I've only used it to search programme related information but are there ways of requesting viewings of specific programmes or recoveries held in their archive that I might be interested in? And if not then what other reasons are there to continue subscribing to the site? I'm obviously a bit green about all this so would appreciate some guidance.

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Re: TV Brain

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As far as I'm aware, you can cancel the monthly plan at any point.

I keep a subscription going because I frequently need to check details of old TV shows and TV Brain a very useful resource for that. I've been a user of the Kal Guides for years, but I find this searchable database much better than either leafing through a telephone directory sized book or searching a PDF.

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Re: TV Brain

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They had plans for some sort of viewing system, but I have not heard if that has progressed any further. But under normal circumstances, the BFI would be the place to go to if you need to consult any rare (but surviving) programmes. I suppose they have access to nearly everything, while KAL simply wouldn't be able to say the same.
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