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Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2020 1:59 pm
by stearn
Many of you will be long standing members and will have forgotten that on registering you signed up to the terms of use of the board. I have moved the post detailing these to an easily accessible spot and would urge everyone to refresh their memories. Believe it or not, we do operate a light touch moderation on the board, but even then, some have decided that this is more at the whim of the moderators rather than the founding terms and conditions, which are dated 2012 here, but go back further than that.

Whilst I knew the general gist of them, I had cause to remind myself of the exact wording last night, and it would be useful if everyone did the same. We only invoke them as a last resort, assuming that this is a community of and for like minded souls who know how to play nicely. They are not open for discussion or personal interpretation.

[Update 4 Nov 2020]

In consultation with the forum founder these have now been updated to reflect the current board software and times. Additions/changes are shown in red.