The Human Jungle (Network)

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The Human Jungle (Network)

Post by Alan Hayes »

No existing thread at Nu-TMC Towers, so...

The Human Jungle set was one of my Christmas presents (thanks Alys!). Haven't had a chance to dive into its contents yet bar Andrew's fine and very welcome booklet, but wondered if anyone had encountered the same problem as I did? As soon as I took the set out of its cellophane wrap, the box sprung open. It appears impossible to close with the booklet in situ. I've decided to slip the booklet in with the cover, rather than inside the box. Seems the only solution aside from sticking the booklet on the shelf separately. Rare for a Network product to be poorly thought out in this way.

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Re: The Human Jungle (Network)

Post by Juswuh »

I put the booklet aside. Loved the set otherwise!

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Re: The Human Jungle (Network)

Post by voyager »

No problems with my box even central section is secure. Picture quality of episodes is superb.

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