PR: Emmerdale Farm: volume 5 [Network]

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PR: Emmerdale Farm: volume 5 [Network]

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Britain's longest-running, rurally-based soap opera, Emmerdale Farm quickly became one of the nation's best-loved programmes. Moving from its original mid-week afternoon slot to the heart of peak-time scheduling and becoming one of the longest-running dramas on British television, this classic series continues to scoop multiple awards and nominations.

This set revisits more of Beckindale's early days, with 32 consecutive episodes originally screened between December 1973 and March 1974. Joe Sugden finds he's not the only one interested in the old mill, George Verney comes to a decision about his marriage, Janie Blakey is astonished when her sister Ruth returns to Beckindale with neither her husband nor her children, and Emmerdale Farm's mystery camper reveals his identity... ... 44747.html

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Re: PR: Emmerdale Farm: volume 5 [Network]

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This is one I've been hoping for,since the Network Tv release schedule began to pick ip again. I've so enjoyed the previous volumes and am hoping that these will continue. It would also be wonderful if some of the other series featured on the Sosp Box set might get series releases.

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Re: PR: Emmerdale Farm: volume 5 [Network]

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Any sign of another volume?
Getting withdrawal here!

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