PR: Nobody's Perfect: The Complete Series [Network]

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PR: Nobody's Perfect: The Complete Series [Network]

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Richard Griffiths partners Elaine Stritch in this classic London Weekend comedy charting the outrageous complications that frequently arise in the domestic lives of a transatlantic couple. Based on scripts for the long-running American sitcom Maude (itself a spin-off of All in the Family) and produced by the legendary Humphrey Barclay, Nobody's Perfect ran for two series – both of which are included here.

Veteran comedienne Stritch stars as Bill, a breezy, waspish middle-aged American, with Griffiths as Englishman Sam, a rather straight-laced doctor who just happens to be Bill's husband of eight years. It's a second marriage for both of them, but neither party finds it any easier the second time around – particularly with Sam's divorced daughter Liz and grandson Sammy making regular incursions into the couple's lives. With all these disruptions, it's no wonder that Sam consistently takes refuge with his neighbour, Henry! ... 44341.html

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Re: PR: Nobody's Perfect: The Complete Series [Network]

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Great news. Long been on my wishlist of unreleased ITV sitcoms. Still a few to go,though.

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Re: PR: Nobody's Perfect: The Complete Series [Network]

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From 1980, with Moray Watson as neighbour Henry.

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Re: PR: Nobody's Perfect: The Complete Series [Network]

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More new telly releases! Excellent Network, please keep them coming!

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Re: PR: Nobody's Perfect: The Complete Series [Network]

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Ah yes...I think I have mentioned it before, but I well remember an incomplete edit of one episode being accidentally broadcast.

Everything seemed to be going fine, and then suddenly, Elaine Stritch muddles a line, and starts laughing, crew talk being heard, and unfinished scenes, a messy ending, extraordinary...wish I had taped it...but who knew that would happen.

Still...nice little series, glad to see a release.
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