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paul.austin wrote:
Fri Oct 02, 2020 11:55 am
you can see why getting rid of Katarina was the right move. Imagine if we'd spent 112 episodes having everything explained to Jamie at great length.
The character was a lot more 'primitive' though, to be fair, with no concept of The TARDIS or other worlds, and thinking she was in her 'Place of Perfection", which of course, she was in episode 4.

Her demise was actually filmed first, as Maureen O' Brien had not had her contract renewed, they needed a character to bridge the end of "The Myth Makers" and the start of "Daleks Master Plan", as Terry Nation had specified Steven should be injured at the start of "Masterplan", and tended to, while The Doctor goes off for help, so Katarina had that purpose.
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