PR: CI5: The New Professionals [Network]

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PR: CI5: The New Professionals [Network]

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A phenomenal global success, The Professionals has thrilled audiences for four decades, gaining a body of devoted fans and an enduring cult status. In the late 1990s its legend received a new lease of life with this explosive series starring veteran British actor Edward Woodward as Harry Malone, head of an expanded CI5 – now a global agency with a multinational body of highly skilled operatives whose job is to combat 21st century threats in the form of global terrorism, ethnic cleansing, the mass slaughter of protected species and the emergence of powerful organised crime syndicates.

Featuring scripts by The Professionals’ original creator Brian Clemens, this set features all thirteen episodes, complete and uncut. Guest stars include Charlotte Cornwell, Gayle Hunnicutt, Denis Lill, Patrick Mower, Michael Brandon, David Threlfall and Ray Lonnen.

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Re: PR: CI5: The New Professionals [Network]

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As much it is great to see this get an unedited release in the UK, dare I mention I have it twice already - both from down under and the whole series as an extra on the US Limited Edition DVD set of 'The Equalizer'. Thus, it's a pass, albeit nice to see it out.

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Re: PR: CI5: The New Professionals [Network]

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Agreed 'JNO' - a blu-ray version would have been better.

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Re: PR: CI5: The New Professionals [Network]

Post by videoking »

Agreed again, I already have this release from Down Under, a blu ray release would be the thing to capture more sales. A little slow on this one Network.

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