PR: Antony and Cleopatra [Network]

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PR: Antony and Cleopatra [Network]

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Trevor Nunn directs Richard Johnson and Oscar-nominee Janet Suzman in this landmark production of Shakespeare's tragedy of power and passion in Ancient Egypt. First broadcast in 1974 and based on Nunn's celebrated staging with the Royal Shakespeare Company, its intensity and originality raised the bar for small-screen adaptations of Shakespeare's plays.

Emphasising the futility of the protagonists' unworldly love against the coldly calculating might of Octavian, adopted son of Julius Caesar, this intimately staged production earned a BAFTA award for director Jon Scoffield, with Janet Suzman receiving a BAFTA nomination for her mesmerising portrayal of the doomed Egyptian queen. Antony and Cleopatra also features early appearances by Ben Kingsley, Tim Pigott-Smith and Patrick Stewart – who won universal praise in the role of Antony's loyal, agonised confidante, Enobarbus. ... 56245.html

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Re: PR: Antony and Cleopatra [Network]

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Ooh. Nice.

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Re: PR: Antony and Cleopatra [Network]

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Long overdue, I have a really ropey VHS of this so would be great to upgrade. It's one of the two really good adaptations of this play (the other being the BBC Shakespeare entry with Jane Lapotaire's Cleo). So can't wait to see this release find new fans in this special Shakespeare year.

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Re: PR: Antony and Cleopatra [Network]

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Great news. Of course, Johnson and Suzman are immortalised in these roles somewhere else too: in the final scene of the very funny Play for Today: Shakespeare or Bust, when they treat Brian Glover and Ray Mort to a recital outside the Dirty Duck!

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