Missing Believed Wiped 'Central'

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Missing Believed Wiped 'Central'

Post by Tim D »

Just a quick heads up.

Kaleidoscope events are back. Revamped and with a new venue at Birmingham City University.
It's a trial period to see how well supported they are, so for now they will be on an event by event basis.

The first takes place on Saturday 12th November and is called 'Missing Believed Wiped - Central.' Not a tribute to the broadcaster of the same name, but a Midlands version of Missing Believed Wiped.

They're now ticket only events, as you'll need this to be allowed into the venue, however, tickets are free. You can see the line-up and get the tickets here. http://bit.ly/2cs8aMg.

All funds raised on the day will go directly to the RNLI.

Please feel free to spread the word.

Spiny Norman

Re: Missing Believed Wiped 'Central'

Post by Spiny Norman »

O.o.i., "Do Not Adjust Your Set tx: 25.1.1968 original Videotape version" - isn't there only one version surviving anyway? (The DVD labeled its episodes 1-9 but that was just laziness and didn't mean S1E4 was in there.)
Apparently it runs 20 minutes, so it must be slightly abridged.

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Re: Missing Believed Wiped 'Central'

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Thanks for the info. I liked the previous Stourbridge location and I hope the events are a success at the new venue; will keep an eye on future line-ups.
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