PR: Spring and Autumn: The Complete Series 4 [Network]

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PR: Spring and Autumn: The Complete Series 4 [Network]

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Not every widowed septugenarian is lucky enough to have a daughter willing to give him a home in his declining years. And not every daughter is unlucky enough to have a father as tetchy and awkward as Tommy Butler…

Comedy veteran Jimmy Jewel is the retired railway worker sharing a flat with his long-suffering daughter and son-in-law in this highly engaging generation-gap sitcom created by legendary screenwriters Vince Powell and Harry Driver.

When his home was demolished, Tommy lost all his old friends too – but forged an unlikely new friendship with young tearaway Charlie Harris. However, things look set to change on the home front: Brian steps up the campaign to ‘recapture’ his own home with a plot to get his meddlesome father-in-law married off, and Charlie’s mum has some far-reaching plans of her own… ... ies-4.html

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Re: PR: Spring and Autumn: The Complete Series 4 [Network]

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Good to see both series three and four being scheduled for imminent release.

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