Ghost Squad (Network DVD)

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Ghost Squad (Network DVD)

Post by robinsmith »

Taking a punt on this, in the Christmas sale. I've enjoyed Gideon's Way, and I am hoping for something similar. I can't find a great deal of club reaction on the series, I hope this is a good sign. Anyone a big fan, or have I done something very silly?

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Re: Ghost Squad (Network DVD)

Post by GaryA »

Also ordered Ghost Squad with fingers firmly crossed. Glad you enjoyed Gideon's Way as I've ordered it myself this week, along with Interpol Calling and the three Armchair Theatre volumes.

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Re: Ghost Squad (Network DVD)

Post by ian b »

Reposting wot i wrote elsewhere a few years ago...

Re: Ghost Squad
I found it nothing spectacular, but Hartnell's episode is one of the better ones, (even foreshadowing Aldred's BATTLEFIELD mishap).

There's a ludicrous sequence in MILLION DOLLAR RANSOM: the heroes have to post a letter into a wall-mounted postbox in a busy Stockholm street, hoping to keep track of it afterwards. But, shock horror, the villains have pinched it unseen via a hole made through to the box from the other side of the wall - which appears to be a patch of deserted country scrubland. After our hero has given chase through this wasteland, we are suddenly back in a bustling Swedish street where the villain meets his end by being run over. Luckily though, another gang member (of four) just happens to be handily in the same spot and makes away with the letter...

It's not just shoddy plotting here, but the director makes a right hash of the sequence.

A pair of decent vt episodes are THE GRAND DUCHESS and A FIRST CLASS WAY TO DIE.

(If anyone has any cash left are looking for a better purchase then ESPIONAGE is an absolute gem of a series.)

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Re: Ghost Squad (Network DVD)

Post by billo »

Its fairly standard ITC fare - not bad entertainment, and quite a few notable guest stars appear. - it's a bit like the early 'Danger Man' 30 minute episodes for the first season with one star featured

Season one survives in best quality being shot on better film

season two introduces a second lead character and the two 'alternate' ( each doing the odd brief cameo appearance in the other's stories from time to time for series continuity purposes with a new boss who appears in most episodes & takes a lead on one occasion investigating a suspicious death in a retirement home)

Gordon Jackson guests as a 'stand in' boss in one tale, and the final second season story features a guest cast with NO regulars appearing !

the second season is shot on video I think (one of those 'in house' productions like 'Callan', 'Public Eye' Dr.Who' & early 'Avengers' etc) it looks a lot less impressive quality wise and has deteriorated rather more over time, but the stories while a bit slow and 'plodding' are o.k. and quite enjoyable enough

A now totally missing later spinoff series 'killed off' the original lead character (tho' not ever shown in the show, presumably the actor had left) and brought largely in new cast, but despite a few silent 'clips' of it that show seems totally lost, and as it stands 'Ghost Squad' in this set is a pretty decent late 50's early 60's type show of it's genre

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