Here Comes Mumfie

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Here Comes Mumfie

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Hi there

Quick question...

Ive got a copy of the Precision Video containing episodes from The Munch Bunch and Here Comes Mumfie.

The Munch Bunch has a green ITC Entertainment endocarp with a copyright date of 1980, however Mumfie seems to have whatever was on the end of that programme blacked out.

Does anyone remember what was on the end of each Mumfie programme? From some of the Precision tapes Ive seen, it tended to be ATV Endcaps that were blacked out (Donkeys Years for example), so I wondered whether it was an ATV Presentation or production. I can't see it myself, but more intrigued than anything.


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Re: Here Comes Mumfie

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It was made for ATV so likely to have had their endcap.

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