Counterintuitive regional variations

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Counterintuitive regional variations

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The two best examples of this syndrome that I've ever come across are both from 1960 - a Henry Williamson interview on ABC's 'The Book Man' was broadcast in all the then-existing regions (Westward didn't, yet) except Southern & Anglia, so the viewers most likely to culturally "get" Williamson's ruralism - with all its unsettling political associations - didn't get to see it, whereas viewers in regions where it was much less understood, and indeed widely seen as a cultural imposition and threat even in those relatively consensual Butskellite days, did.

Later in the same year the first episode of Coronation Street (and indeed all episodes until, I think, March 1961) was shown everywhere except ATV Midlands & Tyne Tees, so you had precisely the reverse syndrome - viewers for whom it was relatively culturally far away, in Wimborne Minster or Bury St Edmunds, got to see it from the start, but viewers in heavy-industrial Coventry or Sunderland, for whom it would have been much closer to their lives, didn't. But that was down to those companies' managements being the most populist, the most proto-1990s-and-onwards in the manner that Pilkington would forbid - they both believed that ITV was *only* popular with the industrial working class because it provided American escapism to a much greater extent than the BBC, and found it hard to accept that it was also popular because it reflected those people's own lives also to a much greater extent than the BBC. They both relented when the level of the programme's success was, even after a few months, clearly proving them wrong.

The next best example was when TSW opted out of two networked films on Christmas Day 1982 ... one of which was an adaptation of Enid Blyton's 'The Island of Adventure'. Which is set in Cornwall.

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Re: Counterintuitive regional variations

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"Counterintuitive Regional Variations Syndrome"?

Yes, He's back!

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Re: Counterintuitive regional variations

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Not quite the same thing perhaps, but The Election Night Armistice on BBC2 in 1997 was not shown in Armando Iannucci's native Scotland, owing to BBC Scotland's own election coverage on the channel. I'm not sure whether this influenced Iannucci's "except for viewers in Scotland" piece on Channel 4 a few years later.

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