Masquerade 40th Anniversary

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Don Satchley
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Masquerade 40th Anniversary

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Today on the BBC News website there was a story about the upcoming anniversary of the phenomenon that was the publication of Kit Williams' Masquerade and the ensuing frenzied treasure hunt that followed.
I had not heard of this before as I was a young child at the time. At various points in the article a BBC4 documentary from a few years ago is mentioned, The Man Behind the Masquerade, made in 2009. I found it frustrating and odd that this isn't available to watch at the moment (except in poor quality and 6 parts on YT). I would have thought that it could have been added to iplayer due to the news article (which was on the front page of the site) and the anniversary. Also I thought documentaries like this would be easy to put up legally on iplayer like the ones in the BBC4 Collection that are there now and get added to from time to time. Anyway just a bit disappointed as I would have liked to have watched a decent copy of the programme.

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Re: Masquerade 40th Anniversary

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I saw the article on the BBC News site and was also puzzled that it wasn't available on IPlayer, but was able to dig out my copy to watch last night.

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