Can anyone identify this memory?

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Can anyone identify this memory?

Post by Simon36 »

No idea why this just flashed into my head. A short film, shown on Channel 4 around 1989/90. A businessman is in a hotel room, and is annoyed by the sounds of a party next door. He barges in and there is an orgy going on, to the sound of Bill Joel’s We Didnt Start the Fire. He decides not to join them, and goes back to his room.

I don’t remember anything much else happening, but am sure that the announcer introduced the film by saying it had just won an award, which I think is why I watched it. But the teenage me was utterly baffled at the end as to why!

Anyone know what this was?

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Re: Can anyone identify this memory?

Post by fatcat »

I would suspect that this may have been from the Ch4 series ' The Short & Curlies ?

AFAIK IMDB only lists it as a single entry starring Alison Steadman when in fact 'Short and Curlies' was an umbrella series showing
often bizarre films from mainly (if not all) independent filmmakers.

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Re: Can anyone identify this memory?

Post by stearn »

I looked through the various newspaper listings for The Short and Curlies and didn't find anything that remotely matched the description. That's not to say it wasn't one of them, just not enough information to go on.

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Re: Can anyone identify this memory?

Post by fatcat »

stearn wrote:I looked through the various newspaper listings for The Short and Curlies and didn't find anything that remotely matched the description. That's not to say it wasn't one of them, just not enough information to go on.
I looked up on the BFI and they appear to have the one with Alison Steadman..probably because it was directed by Mike Leigh?

However BFI also states that when Ch4 repeated the series a few years later they renamed it to 'Jump Cuts'

But as you imply without more info it could be anything as Ch4 in those days showed a lot of indy material.

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Re: Can anyone identify this memory?

Post by Simon Coward »

I don't know whether or not this might help. Some research I did a few years ago. Plenty of synopses still missing, unfortunately.

Short and Curlies – Series 1

26/12/1989 Unusual Ground Floor Conversion [Picturegame]
A young author moves into a ground floor flat, hoping for peace and quiety and looking for inspiration to write his next book. He soon discovers why the former occupants were so desperate to move.
Written by Mark Herman; produced by Beth Porter; directed by Mark Herman. With Adrian Dunbar (Alan Simpson), Danny Schiller (Upstairs Neighbour), Roy Kinnear (Removal Man), Diane Fletcher (Literary Agent), Desmond Adams (Previous Owner), Ann Way (Old Woman).

27/12/1989 The Loss Adjuster [Creative Film-Makers]
When a factory burns down the loss adjuster is sent to investigate.
Written by Mole Hill and Julian Roberts; music by Rossini; associate producer Donna Grey; executive producer Patrick Cassavetti; produced by Julian Roberts;directed by Mole Hill. With Roger Sloman (Loss Adjuster), Matthew Scurfield (Barber), Arthur Hewlett (Guard), Natalie Forbes (Guinevere Finckelstein), Nicholas Pritchard (Williamson, an Executive), Richard Cordery (Policeman), Harry Webster (Papa Finckelstein), Joanna Dickens (Mama Harbottle), Richard Cubison (Barber’s Customer), Caroline Holdaway (Barmaid), Bob Flag (Man in Pub).

28/12/1989 Duck [Tandemdock]
Ten-year-old Charlotte is worried about her parents: they’re behaving like children. Then she realises that being a grown-up doesn’t mean behaving like one.
Written by David Ashton; produced by Paul Bradley; directed by Simon Shore. With Frances Barber (Mother), Jim Carter (Father), Marissa Dunlop (Charlotte), Denica Fairman (Claire).

29/12/1989 Closed Circuit [Nicholas Granby Productions]
Security man Smith finds that he can operate the camera remote-control to go into close-up on the company security lock.
Written by Nicholas Granby; executive producer Patrick Cassavetti; produced by Saskia Sutton and Nicholas Granby; directed by Nicholas Granby. With Keith Allen (Security Man), Cheryl Prime (Receptionist), Moray Watson (Manager), Lionel Taylor (Second Security Man).

30/12/1989 Out of Town [Amber Valley]
Daydreaming along a peaceful country road, a young man walks into an unexpected nightmare.
Written by Neil Clarke; music by Gerry Colvin; produced by Stewart Richards; directed by Norman Hull. With David Morrissey (Traveller), Major Wiley (Samaritan), Richard Ridings (Labourer), John Cannon (Lorry Driver), Samantha David (Passenger), Nigel Horton (Boy), Alex McCrindle (Tramp).

31/12/1989 Treacle [Telekation Int.]
An old comedian, Alfie Duffell, has died in his home town of Blackpool. He allegedly wrote a song Put a Bit of Treacle on My Pudding, Mary-Ann, which could have made him famous.
Written by Peter Chelsom; produced by Sandra Yarwood; directed by Peter Chelsom. With Ken Goodwin (Reg Duffell), Stephen Tompkinson (Stephen Duffell), Freddie Davies (Alfie Duffell).

01/01/1990 The Zip [Usual Stone Ltd/British Screen Financies Ltd]
Eric, a disgruntled white-collar worker, is shocked one day to find a large zip running all the way down the front of his body!
Written by Michel Parry; produced by Leontine Ruette; directed by Jo-Ann Kaplan. With Denis Lawson (Eric), Marian McLoughlin (Sue), Cindy Holden (Daughter), Ian Hart (Son), Joan Blackham (Doctor), Michèle Winstanley (Nurse), Ron Donachie (Biker), Maureen Bennett (Mother), Howard Lee (Jogger), Michelle Fine (Patient), Anthony Collin (Railway Clerk).

02/01/1990 The Short and Curlies [Portman]
Clive woos Joy, who works in a chemist’s. Joy pays many visits to the hairdresser. The hairdresser is Betty. Betty lives with her daughter, Charlene, who isn’t very cheerful. And Clive and Joy live happily ever after.
Written by Mike Leigh; produced by Victor Glynn and Simon Channing-Williams; directed by Mike Leigh. With Alison Steadman (Betty), David Thewlis (Clive), Sylvestra Le Touzel (Joy), Wendy Nottingham (Charlene).

03/01/1990 Making Waves [Production Pool]
Why would a young man want to join a group of retired ladies for a trip to the seaside?
Adapted by Jenny Wilkes; based on a story by Clare Boylan; executive producer Patrick Cassavetti; produced by Ann Wingate; directed by Jenny Wilkes. With Sheila Hancock (Doris), Kenneth Cranham (Joe Nash), Lila Kaye (Mrs Nash), Maggie Holland (Alice), Pat Keen (May), Terry John (Hotel Manager), Joyce Irvine (Receptionist), Neil McGrath (Coach Driver).

04/01/1990 Why Don’t You Dance? [True Films]
Two women, at the opposite ends of their lives, gain from each other the strength to face the future.
Written by Curtis Radclyffe; executive producer Therese Pickard; produced by Tom Harvey; directed by Curtis Radclyffe. With Joan Linder (Joan), Helen Patrick (Janet), Rupert Holliday Evans (Kevin), Keith Taylor (Harry).

05/01/1990 Arcadia [Working Title Productions]
For Gavin’s mum, even breakfast in arcadia could be a trap.
Written by Phil Austin and Derek Hayes; produced by Caroline Hewitt; directed by Paul Bamborough. With Pat Heywood (Mum), Nick Raggett (Gavin).

Short and Curlies – Series 2

06/06/1990 The Universe of Dermot Finn [Fugitive]
Dermot Finn is in love with Pearl. But love, as Dermot is about to find out, can be a terrifying experience.
Written by Philip Ridley; produced by Dominic Anciano, Ray Burdis and Di Roberts; directed by Philip Ridley. With Warren Saire (Dermot Finn), Elizabeth Morton (Pearl), Sheila Hancock (Mother of Pearl), John Gabriel (Grandfather), Heather Canning (Mrs Finn), Lucien Taylor (Eldest Son), Jean Campbell-Dallas (Grandmother), Colin Thomas (Boy), Lisa O’Connell (Girl), Jason Colley (Little Monster).

13/06/1990 The Kitchen Child [Techniques of Persuasion]
Odours from the kitchen prove impossible to resist with the arrival of a gourmet French duke and his valet.
Adapted by Susan Campbell; based on a story by Angela Carter; produced by Peter Jacques; directed by Joy Perino. With Annette Badland (Cook), Paul Brooke (French Duke), Garry Halliday (Boy).

20/06/1990 Work Experience [North Inch]
Terence Weller can’t get a job because he has no experience. But how can he get experience without getting a job?
Written by James Hendrie; produced by Mary Bell; directed by James Hendrie. With Lenny Henry (Terence Weller), Kathy Burke, Neil Pearson, John Normington.

27/06/1990 The Childeater [Stephen/Tammuz]
“Your Uncle Stefano eats little girls who don’t behave” jokes Betty’s step-father. It is 1954 and Betty is sent to stay with her aunt and uncle on a remote Welsh farm.
Written by Lib Stephen; produced by Deborah Carter; directed by Jonathan Tammuz. With Alun Armstrong (Stefano), Lindsay Duncan (Eirwen), Lucy Rivers (Betty), Anna Cropper (Mrs Jones), Robert Page (Mr Jones), Jonathan Cecil (Mr Thomas), Lucy Stevens (Mrs Thomas).

Short and Curlies – Series 3

09/01/1991 The New Look [Roth & Burrows Productions]
Tonight’s short film is a black comedy. To their shock a couple realise, after they’ve bought their new home, that they have wildly differing tastes in furniture.
Written by Chris Fallon; produced by Jason Burrows; directed by Chris Fallon. With Richard Fallon (Ricky), Karen Westwood (Rosaline), Robert Lister (Father), Jiggy Bhore (Mother), Philip Childs (Simon), Alice Martin (Mary), Annabel Giles (Suzanne), Wolfe Morris (Psychiatrist).

16/01/1991 Geh Kinde Geh [Knowledge]
A Jewish funeral – a memorable occasion, though perhaps not for the right reasons.
Written by Julie Wassmer; produced by Tina Jamieson; directed by Crispin Reece. With Maria Charles (Stella), Bernard Spear (Lionel), Elizabeth Counsell (Lilian), Peter Birrel (Bernard), Roger Hyams (Howard), Melanie Jessop (Helen), Mary Henry (Great Aunt Anna), John Barrard (Sidney), Shirley King (Mary), Guy Brougham (Daniel), Sally Thomson (Little Girl).

23/01/1991 One Man’s Meat [Panda Pictures]
Tung is caught between two cultures.
Written by Lai Ngan Walsh; produced by Alison Barnett; directed by Lai Ngan Walsh. With Sebastian Chee (Tung Jen), Susan Leong, Kay Lum, Stephen Flynn, Madelaine Church, Gerrard Healy, Hilary Ann Evans, Bryan Cornish.

30/01/1991 The Hangover [Midnight Films Prod]
Written by Giblets; executive producer Ann Wingate; produced by Iain Brown. With Kevin McNally (Colin), Amanda Richardson, Christian Burgess, Jim Broadbent, Rebecca Lacey.

06/02/1991 A Nice Arrangement [UMBI Films Prod]
A short drama confronting the English pre-occupation with Asian arranged marriage.
Written by Meera Syal; produced by Nadine Marsh-Edwards; directed by Gurinder Chadha. With Tania Rodrigues (Meena), Meera Syal (Sita), Jamila Massey, Kaleem Janjua, Badi Uzzaman, Dev Sagoo, Gordon Warnecke, Des Barrett, Shireen Shah, Neeru Harrison, Debra Gillett.

13/02/1991 Dear Rosie [World’s End Television]
Rosie is a novelist who makes a reluctant success in the diet-book world.
Written by Peter Morgan and Mark Wadlow; associate producer Nicky Kentish Barnes; executive producer Stewart Richards; produced by Barnaby Thompson; directed by Peter Cattaneo. With Fiona Victory (Rosie), Terence Wilton, Roger Hammond, Remy Beard, Sue Elliott, Belinda Mayne, Sally Farmiloe, Ian Good, Ricky Diamond, Simeon Andrews, Philip Neve. With British Screen.

Short and Curlies – Series 4

21/10/1992 Life’s a Gas
Written by Vincent O’Connell; produced by Waldo Roeg; directed by Philip Davis. With Lee Ross (Danny), Dave Atkins (Donald).

28/10/1992 Heart Songs
Written by Richard Burridge and Sue Clayton; produced by Caroline Hewitt; directed by Sue Clayton. With Tom McCamus, Lorraine Segato, Sneezy Waters.

04/11/1992 The Big Fish
Written by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod; produced by Jeremy Bolt; directed by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod. With Fiona Shaw, Anthony Walters, Maeliosa Stafford, Lydia Henderson-Boyle.

11/11/1992 Broken Skin
Written by Anna Campion; produced by Joanna Gollins and David Hazlett; directed by Anna Campion. With Holly Barker (Amelia), Miranda Richardson (Mother).

18/11/1992 Now That It’s Morning
Written by Neil Bartlett; produced by Esta Charkham and Simon Mellor; directed by Neil Bartlett. With Gerald Sinclair, Nicholas Pickard.

25/11/1992 London South West
Written by Martin Crimp; produced by Nicky Kentish Barnes; directed by T. T. Karswell. With Simon Tyrell, Sarah Winman, David Leigh, Adjoa Andoh.

02/12/1992 Gaia
Written by Maxim Ford; produced by Michael Brown; directed by Maxim Ford. With Penny Gonshaw.

Short and Curlies – Series 5

12/01/1994 The Cutter
The story of a talkative teenager whose father follows a murderous profession.
Written by Peter Salmi; produced by Peter Salmi; directed by Carl Prechezer. With Paul Reynolds (Anthony), Brian Cox, Nigel Davenport.

19/01/1994 My Little Eye
Dad takes Jez to visit his elderly aunt in a bid to persuade her to move to an old people’s home. But Jez understands auntie’s point of view and starts to think he can see ghosts.
Written by Benjamin Ross; directed by Benjamin Ross. With Alun Armstrong (Dad), Andrew Dicks (Jez), Edna Doré (Aunt).

26/01/1994 Flight of the Swan
Written by Ngozi Onwurah; produced by Simon Onwurah; directed by Ngozi Onwurah. With Hilja Lindsey-Parkinson (Obe), Wunmi Olaiya (African Spirit), Charlotte Moore (Mrs Mortimer), Laura Penter (Sarah).

02/02/1994 The Zebra Man
Written by Tom Hare Duke and Peter Webber; produced by Jane Caldwell; directed by Tom Hare Duke and Peter Webber. With Duncan Bell (Major Horace Ridler), Minnie Driver, Peter Guinness.

09/02/1994 No Head for Heights
Written by Nicholas Wright; produced by Ron Gould; directed by Steven Bernstein and Nicholas Wright. With Kevin McNally (Harry), Sheila Hancock, Susan Wooldridge.

Short and Curlies – Series 6

23/11/1994 Syrup
Written by Nick Vivian; produced by Anita Overland; directed by Paul Unwin. With Bill Thomas (George), Annette Badland.

30/11/1994 Home Away From Home
Written by Maureen Blackwood; produced by Johann Insanally; directed by Maureen Blackwood. With Ellen Thomas (Miriam), Ashabi Ajikawo (Uncredited), Simon Lee Clarke, David Boateng.

07/12/1994 Tomorrow Calling
Adapted by Tim Leandro; based on a story by William Gibson; produced by Polly Tapson; directed by Tim Leandro. With Colin Salmon (Bill), Toyah Willcox (Dialta Downes), Don Henderson (Mervyn Jihn), Jack Raymond (Cohen).

14/12/1994 Chicken Talk
Written by Peter Speyer; produced by Fiona Morham; directed by David Farr. With Wojtek Pszoniak, Joseph England, Sara Mair Thomas, Sylvia Langova.

Short and Curlies – Series 7

10/01/1996 The Pan Loaf
Written by Sean Hinds; produced by Stephanie Faugier; directed by Sean Hinds. With Conor Grimes (Finbar), Emma O’Neill (Gwen).

17/01/1996 Seventeen
Written by Sandra Goldbacher; produced by Simon Passmore; directed by Sandra Goldbacher. With Emma Bird (Gemma), Christien Anholt (Rob), Rachel Weisz (Nicola).

31/01/1996 Fathers, Sons and Unholy Ghosts
Written by Danny Thompson; produced by Glen Noble; directed by Danny Thompson. With Lennie James (Martin), Oscar James (Martin’s Father), Xavier Thompson-Martell (Marcus), Oscar Lobban (Young Martin).

07/02/1996 A Martial Kind of Men
Written by Tim Willocks; directed by Devon Dickson. With Paul Whitby (Hooke), Richard Standing (Les), Mark Warren (Fitz), Sean McKenzie (Nemo), Graham Root (Liam).

14/02/1996 The Spy Who Caught a Cold
Written by Lucy Ellman; produced by Anne-Marie Casey; directed by James Larkin. With Isabella Nightingale Marsh (Clozzy), Lesley Nightingale (Mother), James Larkin (Nick).

Short and Curlies – Series 8

22/05/1997 It’s Not Unusual
Written by Asmaa Pirzada; produced by Asmaa Pirzada; directed by Kfir Yefet. With Meera Syal (London Cabbie), Tom Jones (Himself), Leslie Grantham, Suzanna Hamilton, John McArdle.

29/05/1997 Hello, Hello, Hello
Written by David Thewlis; produced by Helen Booth and James Roberts; directed by David Thewlis. With Robert Pugh (Policeman), Kathy Burke (Jo).

05/06/1997 The Short Walk
Written by Stewart Harcourt; produced by Simon McCleave; directed by Jonathan Hacker. With Dominic McHale.

12/06/1997 Take Pity
Adapted by Daniel Kleinman; based on a story by Bernard Malamud; produced by Jolyon Symonds; directed by Daniel Kleinman. With Ron Moody, Juliet Aubrey.

17/06/1997 Skin
Written by Sarah Kane; produced by Nick Love; directed by Vincent O’Connell. With Ewen Bremner, Marcia Rose, Yemi Ajibade, James Bannon.

Short and Curlies – Series 9

02/04/1998 The Sin Eater
Written by Terence Gross; produced by Ildiko Kemery; directed by Terence Gross. With Josie Lawrence, Rhys Ifans.

09/04/1998 Closer
Written by Billie Eltringham; produced by Mark Blaney; directed by Simon Beaufoy and Billie Eltringham. With Mark Addy, Sophie Stanton.

16/04/1998 Daphne and Apollo
Written by Billie Reynolds; produced by Helen De Winter; directed by Clare Kilner. With Abigail McKern, Lizzie McInnerny, John Michie.

23/04/1998 Dual Balls
Adapted by Dan Zeff; based on a story by Nicola Barker; produced by Laurence Bowen; directed by Dan Zeff. With Sylvestra Le Touzel (Selina), Lesley Manville, June Barrie.

30/04/1998 Wet and Dry
Written by John McKay; produced by Lee Thomas; directed by John McKay. With Kathryn Hunter, David Bamber.

21/05/1998 I Love My Mum
Written by Smita Bhide; produced by Stephen Philip; directed by Alrick Riley. With Shafiq Mahmood (Buzz), Aileen Gonsalves.

28/05/1998 Shark Hunt
Written by Dominic Lees; produced by Corinne Cartier; directed by Dominic Lees. With Neil Stuke (Liam), Charlotte Coleman.

04/06/1998 Silent Film
Produced by Paul Goodman; directed by Malcolm Venville. With Paula Garfield, Frank Essery.
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Re: Can anyone identify this memory?

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In case it was something in First Frame, here's a list of those.

First Frame – Series 1

1x01: 23/04/1992 23:25-23:45 The Oil Gobblers
A documentary film crew go to northern Bohemia in search of the legendary petromole, a form of mutant rabbit.In Czech with English subtitles.
Writer/Director Jan Sverak

1x02: 30/04/1992 23:45-00:15 The Worm

A child regularly beaten by her father lives in a strange world dominated by her nightmares.
Director Manusz Grzegorzek

1x03: 07/05/1992 23:30-23:50 Goodbye Piccadilly

An old man working on a building site in a southern Irish town creates a strange sculpture out of love for a local waitress.
Director Kieron J. Walsh

1x04: 14/05/1992 23:00-23:50 The Island of the Blessed

A father arrives at the jail where his daughter is imprisoned, accused of murdering her child. In flashback, she tells her story.
In Danish with English subtitles

1x05: 21/05/1992 23:35-23:50 Best Wishes

This highly personalised drama/documentary, made by St Martin’s School of Art, offers a sensitive exploration of the emotional conflicts in a closeknit household coming to terms with the fact that one of the group is HIV positive.

1x06: 28/05/1992 23:45-00:10 The Artist

An artist arouses the curiosity of a local customs official. This Swedish student film received a Bafta award for Best Short Film.
Written by Stephan Apelgren and Jonas Gramas. Director Jonas Grimas.

Initially billed as a series of six programmes, the entry below was listed on 04/06/1992 between 23:35-23:50 but was replaced by a programme about the release from prison of Judith Ward. Instead it was broadcast on

02/07/1992 22:55-23:10 Painted Faces

An artist, working on a new canvas, cannot get the face right. Suddenly two characters from one of his previous paintings appear and drag him into a nightmare world.
Written and directed by Tom Hooper.

First Frame – Series 2

2x01: 20/05/1993 23:35-00:10 The Lady in Waiting

Today’s piece by Christian Taylor has won an Academy nom­in­ation at the 93 Oscars.
After the death of her employer, Miss Peach, a reserved English spinster, visits New York and meets drag queen Scarlet in the 1977 Manhattan blackout.
Chambermaid EMMA WILSON

2x02: 28/05/1993 00:10-00:35 Seahouses

The series continues with Ian Dodd’s tale of revenge on the coast of Northumberland.
A young woman goes in search if the owner of a chip shop who blinded her. With Zoe Heyes and Billy Snaith.

2x03: 03/06/1993 23:35-23:55 A Court in the Car
A snapshot glimpse into the lives of three Ulster girls, as they work picking mushrooms in a small border town factory. The trio discuss life, their expectations, their frustrations and the factor common to all of these themes - boys.
Director Antonia Leslie.

2x04: 10/06/1993 23:40-00:25 Burnt Out
A photographer and his girlfriend break down in their red convertible while travelling across the desert.
Director Yoram Eshkol-Rokach.

2x05: 17/06/1993 23:55-00:25 Carrera
A young man tries to get to grips with his girlfriend’s departure. With Nick Miles.
Director Martin Wallace.

2x06: 25/06/1993 00:00-00:30 Breath of Life
Drama focusing on the bond forged between six prisoners of conscience sharing a cell.
Director Navin Thapar.
2x07: 01/07/1993 23:35-00:00
Queen of the Fruit
Dominik Scherrer’s film is a surreal modern opera, in which 1970s pop star Lene Lovich plays a woman desired by two men - a taxidermist and a fruiterer. With Simon Packham and Martin Turner.

2x08: 02/07/1993 00:00-00:15
The Tragical Comedy of Mr Punch
Director Michael Dixon shows how the puppet character Mr Punch fights against authority, repression and death.

First Frame – Series 3

03/08/1994 23:45-00:15 A Night with a Woman, a Day with Charlie
Directed by Harry Bradbeer and starring Rufus Sewell
A comedy-drama centring on two friends, one successful, one not, who meet again after two years apart to find everything has changed. With Richard Benders.

10/08/1994 23:45-00:05 Fruit 15
Claire Lynch’s graduation film tells thestory of a young girl struggling to tell her mother that the illegitimate child she is carrying is, in fact, the second Messiah. The still controversial subject of abortion is approached from an intelligent and humorous angle by Claire Lynch, whose promising career was cut short by her tragic death last year.

17/08/1994 23:45-00:05 Left Hand Drive
Director Peter Chiang’s stylish thriller, written by horror specialist Christopher Fowler, is set in an underground car park where, late one night, a businessman accidentally runs over a homeless man. With Alex Richardson.

23/08/1994 23:45-00:10 When I Was A Girl
Writer/director David Yate’s story of Anne and her childhood in the 40s in a British working class family dominated by a hard-drinking patriarch. With Katy Smith, Peter Woollaston and Kim Thomson.

31/08/1994 23:45-00:05 That Sunday
A romantic comedy written and directed by Daniel Zeff. Stanley and Rachel are just good friends, the best of friends, yet as they both describe the history of their relationship, each telling their own side of the story, it soon becomes apparent that there are quite significant discrepancies in the details of how each one perceives the other. With Alan Cumming, Minnie Driver and Vince Leigh.

07/09/1994 23:45-00:00 The Clearing/Breast
Two short films by writer/director Alexis Bisticas. The Clearing, set on Hampstead Heath, involves an unidentified walker (eventually revealed as Derek Jarman) who is lured through the woods by the distant sound of a saxophone. He is drawn past inviting groups of men, a woman picnicking, and a boy eating an apple. As he reaches a clearing, he finds the player. In Breast, Bisticas provides an episodic meditation on a woman’s breast - from feeding to cancer.

14/09/1994 23:40-00:00 Car Wash Love

Continuing the season of films by new directors with a double bill from Anna Negri.
Magda is a housewife stuck in the suburbs with boring husband Oswald and boring son Andrew. She spices up her life conducting a gentle affair with sensitive car-wash attendant Frank. But what will happen when rust is discovered on the car and Oswald says her wanderings to the garage must stop?

15/09/1994 00:00:00:30 Snow
A gripping story about a lonely woman in her 20s who is haunted by suppressed memories. She meets a young man at a party and they retire to his squat fora night of passion. But when she attempts to leave quietly in the morning things begin to get difficult. With Emma Croft, Andrew Tiernan, Angela Morant and Mac McDonald. Producer Tim Perell.

21/09/1994 23:45-00:05 MS
Ugandan-bom director Hirsch Tell tells the witty tale of a narcissistic agony uncle called Ms Lonelyhearts who is overflowing with misery, obsessed with images of crucifixion and totally self-absorbed. With Matthew Andrews and the voices of Simon Callow, Isobel Jones. Heather Powell and Susanah Morton.

29/09/1994 00:20-00:35 Relax
A stylish and amusing film by Hannah Robinson, based on a true story. A couple on a busy train start by kissing and end up engaging in red hot sex. Everyone ignores their activities - until they dare light a post-coital cigarette! With Ali de Souza, Mairi Wallace, Claire Grogan.
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Re: Can anyone identify this memory?

Post by Simon36 »

Thanks, everyone. Some of those sound fascinating. But no joy, alas.

I notice that We Didn’t Start the Fire wasn’t released until September 1989, so that narrows things down a bit. It was definitely no later than summer 1991 that it was shown, so Next time I’m in front of some old TVTimes I’ll have a look. Definitely C4, positive it was a weekday (definitely post-watershed) and I reckon 1990.

Several other C4 shorts have stuck in the memory; one involved a couple waiting anxiously for a pregnancy test result. The whole film was silent and at the end, when, to their horror, they see that it is positive, then then smile and lie back to enjoy some unprotected sex.

There was also a charming one with Jane Horrocks as a young and nervous gay woman going to a gay club for the first time.

A very chilling one called Drip Drip, which was an old variant on the urban myth of the dead dog in the bathroom/ killer under the bed, but very well done.

And the one I particularly liked: set on the coast. A lonely woman befriended by a gang of hippies no one else likes. The final shot is of them having been driven out of town leaving a message on the sand saying “thank you”. I think this was made by Bournemouth Uni. Think it’s been discussed her before. EDIT: It has: THE ANORAK GANG

I am
Incredibly grateful to 80s C4. Although someone of the stuff mystified me, it was filled with weird and wonderful things, so many of which have clung to my memory. Another that has just flashed back to me is a really haunting film, about a repressed young woman living on a country estate, I think with her elderly mother. Two young gay women appear on the scene and awaken her to an awareness of how dull her life is.

I wish Talking Pictures would show some of the obscure Film on Four, truly the Play for Today of the 80s.

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Re: Can anyone identify this memory?

Post by stearn »

Remember, from March 1991, the listings were opened up, so C4 will appear in Radio Times as well as the many newspaper supplements that appeared, so that latter six months might be easier to research.

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Re: Can anyone identify this memory?

Post by strojon »

Judging by the timeframe you gave, it may well be something from the "4 Play" series.

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Re: Can anyone identify this memory?

Post by Simon36 »

Yes there was also THE SHOOTING GALLERY wasn’t there? Wonderful strands.

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Re: Can anyone identify this memory?

Post by fatcat »

Simon36 wrote:Thanks, everyone. Some of those sound fascinating. But no joy, alas.

I wish Talking Pictures would show some of the obscure Film on Four, truly the Play for Today of the 80s.

Well, SimonC has certainly brought them back to life eh LOL ...kudos Simon great list,

As I think that was the main problem... either people didn't see them at their twilight screening hours or have just forgotten them and therefore not left any list anywhere to ponder over..until now

TPTV would probably be a good outlet, but they would probably have to go through every frame as apparently because of the 'old' material they already show they are being watched like hawks by Ofcom and have explain themselves quite regularly.

..So now they have once afternoon shows like "Rooms" having to mute words like 'bitch' and 'bastard' which at the original showing nobody gave two hoots about..even poor old Catweazle now has a 'PG' certificate.

Meanwhile today on main channels the 'F' word flows like wine..a word taboo to TV in the old days's a funny old world


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Re: Can anyone identify this memory?

Post by Nick Cooper 625 »

I recorded Arcadia, The Cutter, and A Martial Kind of Men - all of which are great - at the time (or repeats), and regret not getting more of Short and Curlies.
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