"The Prisoner" (1967-1968) Watchalong

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"The Prisoner" (1967-1968) Watchalong

Post by AndrewP »

Just had this flagged up to me, and felt that I should in turn flag it up here in case anyone is interested in joining in:

https://twitter.com/paranoidstylist/sta ... 2851141632

"We’ll be starting on Wednesday (27 May), 8pm BST, with episode 1, Arrival. All are well come."

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Re: "The Prisoner" (1967-1968) Watchalong

Post by rosalyn »

I've signalled my interest. I was about to dig the series out for another watch soon anyway. I think something like this is a great idea to get people involved and chatting about the series again. Let's hope more are free to join in.

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