Getting the answer first

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Getting the answer first

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Just wondered if there are any memorable instances of getting the answer to a question (in dramas etc.) before it's given. One I have was a crossword clue from 'The Flipside Of Dominick Hide :
Commuter: "Several people go off the deep end - six letters"
Dominick: "divers"
and I do realise that half the time the writer wanted us to have that feel-good factor!
"Now listen you guys, I don't wish to alarm you but there's some pretty weird things going on out here..."

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Re: Getting the answer first

Post by Brock »

Someone will have to back me up on this one, but I think it may have been an episode of "The Crezz" where Joss Ackland's character had to guess the name of a Japanese city which was an anagram of "Tokyo", and somehow managed to come up with every possible arrangement of letters except the correct one, which was never revealed. (The Kyoto Protocol was of course decades away at that point!)

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