Missing Believed Wiped 2020

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Missing Believed Wiped 2020

Post by Mark »

Clips have ben uploaded to YT of material recovered, with some very interesting stuff.

Several clips are from a 1976 compilation tape of "Anita In Jumbeland" ( with Anita Harris), and appear to be out-takes, Clive Dunn and Billy Dainty amongst the guests, the magic carpet one is great.
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Re: Missing Believed Wiped 2020

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Wonderful stuff - the inclusion of the (now colourised) clips from the 1968 Peter Cushing Sherlock Holmes series was a real highlight. Apparently there is also a clip from the episode ‘The Solitary Cyclist’ which was also part of the same preview. Never thought anything else from this series would ever come to light, so this was a real treat.

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