Tightrope... in colour?

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Tightrope... in colour?

Post by Controller 2957 »

About a year ago I purchased a 16mm, B&W film recording of an episode of ATV's 1971 espionage serial, 'Tightrope'. I handed the film to a friend of mine who is something of a brain when it comes to this sort of thing and, he in turn, had it analysed by some very clever chaps in London. I got the following message from him today...

"Just had some great news from my trip to London with the 16mm Tightrope print. It definitely contains the colour information, which means kaleidoscope will help me try and transfer the master negatives at ATV" (by ATV I think he means the ITC archive) ;-)

I appreciate that this announcement will probably be greeted with snorts of derision and cries of 'hoax!' from some quarters but I've been a member of this forum for a loooong time and don't make a habit of making such declarations... Please be patient...
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Re: Tightrope... in colour?

Post by Thwaity »

This sounds absolutely fantastic.

Keep us informed on any updates you get


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Re: Tightrope... in colour?

Post by fatcat »

If it had not been posted by the respected Controller2957 I would have thought it a hoax.

I did suggest a while back that ITN could supply just a couple of RAW frames of ATV telerecordings for people to check, as it would be beneficial to all, but the idea was pooh pood by some members as they reckoned ITN could not be arsed to supply anything to anybody outside.

Anyway good luck with this.

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Re: Tightrope... in colour?

Post by Doom Patrol »

Ah, so now you're poo, poing their poo, poo.

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Re: Tightrope... in colour?

Post by bart12345 »

Wow that's awesome! Will you posting pictures of the colour recovery? And will it be vidFIRED?

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