Kaleidoscope: Pop Around The Clock, Saturday 1st June 2013

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Adrian Petford
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Kaleidoscope: Pop Around The Clock, Saturday 1st June 2013

Post by Adrian Petford »

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce the schedule for our music-themed event in June.

Saturday 1st June 2013, 12:00 - 7:00 pm
Function Suite, The Talbot Hotel,
High Street, Stourbridge,
West Midlands DY8 1DW, UK
Free Admission


* 12:00 pm Thames start-up - opening the first day back after the 1984 Thames-only strike. Also includes the News at One opening titles.
* 12:05 pm Tiswas - musical higlights from the anarchic children's show. Featuring Roxy Music - Jealous Guy, Status Quo - Something 'bout You Baby I Like, Jake Thackray - The Tiswas Song and three songs and an interview by Sheena Easton. Sheena Easton also appears in Beat the Benny, featuring Crossroads' Paul Henry (TX: 28/02/1981).
* 12:30 pm Top of the Pops - The Cutting Room Floor. A special compilation of rarities from the BBC's flagship pop show, some being seen again for the first time in decades.
* Sandie Shaw - By Tomorrow (in colour, take 4). Recorded around February 1970, this wonderful discovery was always assumed to be a colour version of the existing black and white performance from 5th February 1970 but is in fact totally unique. It may never have actually been broadcast as the record did not make it into the charts.
* Hermans Hermits - Years May Come, Years May Go (TX: 12/02/1970).
* Family - Weavers Answer (TX: 27/08/1970).
* Fairweather - Natural Sinner (TX: 09/07/1970).
* Pan's People dance to Montego Bay (TX: 17/09/1970).
* Tremeloes - Me And My Life (TX: 17/09/1970).
* Michael Jackson - Rockin' Robin (June 1972).
* David Bowie - John I'm Only Dancing - a special Top of the Pops film featuring Ruth from Pan's People (TX: 28/09/1972).
* The Osmonds - Crazy Horses - clip from an otherwise wiped Top of the Pops (TX: 25/12/1972).
* Elton John - Rocket Man - clip from an otherwise wiped Top of the Pops (TX: 25/12/1972).
* Roy Wood - Forever - previously undocumented and unbroadcast rehearsal footage for Top of the Pops of 20th December 1973 found on the end of the studio recording.
* Suzi Quatro - The Wild One - a performance unseen for almost forty years (TX: 28/11/1974).
* 1:10 pm Once More with Felix - folk rock singer Julie Felix is joined by Spike Milligan, Dave Swarbrick, Pedro Soler and Martin Carthy on her BBC show. Only 20 minutes survive from this edition (TX: 16/12/1967). Followed by The Kinks - Last Of The Steam Powered Trains/Picture Book on Once More with Felix (TX: 01/02/1969). Again the sole surviving footage from its edition, this performance was omitted from the Kinks on DVD release.
* 1:35 pm What the Magazines Say - John Peel talks about music magazines (TX: 29/07/1995).
* 1:50 pm Break
* 2:00 pm Guest Panel - Gillian Bailey. Starting her career as a child, Gillian is well remembered for singing and dancing on Here Come The Double Deckers, in the role of Billie. She also appeared in adaptations of classic children's literature including Follyfoot, Thursday's Child, The Witch's Daughter and the very famous 1968 version of The Railway Children. Other credits include Softly Softly, The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Angels, County Hall, The Adventurer, Poldark, The Onedin Line, Together and the first episode of Blake's 7. Since leaving the acting business in the nineties, Gillian has pursued an academic career and is now head of the Drama and Theatre department at the Royal Holloway University of London. In her role as Professor of Women's Theatre History, Gillian lectures on the role of women on television and their portrayal in the music business.
* 3.00 pm Afternoon Tea
* 3:30 pm Here Come The Double Deckers - musical highlights from the much-loved seventies children's show.
* 3:40 pm A Specially-Recorded Message from Suzi Quatro - plus a showing of 48 Crash from a previously missing Top of the Pops, returned to Kaleidoscope by a private collector.
* 4:00pm The Dave Cash Radio Program - Disc jockey Dave Cash introduces Hilary Pritchard, Lulu, Mungo Jerry, The Sweet, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Patricia Gentry and Chris Andrews in this HTV production from 1972 (TX: 28/09/1972).
* 4:30 pm Pan's People - The Lost Performances - a special compilation of rare and previously missing routines from the sexy dance troupe, many being seen for the first time since the seventies. The clips were rediscovered by Kaleidoscope in the collection of record producer and songwriter Ian Levine. Former Top of the Pops cameraman John Henshall says "All in all this is a remarkable collection that manages to capture all the excitement and energy that made Top Of The Pops the greatest music show on television."
* Pan's People - Keep On Truckin' by Eddie Kendricks - a better quality copy than the existing colour telerecording (TX: 22/11/1973).
* Pan's People - Truck On Tyke by T.Rex. No footage has ever been found of T.Rex performing Truck On Tyke on any show anywhere in the world, so this previously unknown Pan's People routine is a doubly welcome find (TX: 06/12/1973).
* Pan's People with Cozy Powell - Dance With The Devil - an "electric performance", this is the debut appearance of this routine. Alternate footage of the same dance was also aired on the show a month later (TX: 13/12/1973).
* Pan's People - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet by Bachman Turner Overdrive (TX: 21/11/1974).
* Pan's People - All Of My Life by Diana Ross (TX: 07/02/1974).
* Pan's People - Love's Theme by The Love Unlimited Orchestra (TX: 14/02/1974).
* Pan's People clip from Clunk Click (TX: 16/02/1974).
* Pan's People - Sing Baby Sing by the Stylistics - this was previously wiped (TX: 29/05/1975).
* Pan's People - (For You) I'll Do Anything You Want Me To by Barry White - this was previously wiped and only existed on audio (TX: 05/06/1975).
* Lynsey De Paul - Rhythm And Blue Jean Baby - a newly recovered performance (TX: 17/07/1975).
* Pan's People - Best Thing That Ever Happened by Gladys Knight & The Pips - this was previously wiped and only existed on audio (TX: 07/08/1975).
* Pan's People - Barbados by Typically Tropical - this very short mute clip followed the Gladys Knight & The Pips routine (TX: 07/08/1975).
* Pan's People - Island Girl by Elton John - previously only rehearsal footage survived but this is the actual broadcast performance (TX: 16/10/1975).
* 5:15 pm The Party's Moving On - Pete Atkin, Julie Covington and Russell Davies feature in this LWT production from 1970, edited by Clive James (TX: 17/07/1970).
* 5:30 pm Mike Mansfield at Southern - A presentation of all surviving material from three early Southern Television productions by Mike Mansfield, featuring artistes from A Tale of Two Rivers, The Chart Busters and Ladybirds.
* A Tale of Two Rivers insert Catch Us If You Can - Dave Clark and Cathy McGowan on a speedboat on the Thames.
* A Tale of Two Rivers insert Frere Jacques - Mark Wynter on a boat on the Seine.
* The Chart Busters - titles
* Feature on Tom Jones by Terry Carroll - possibly from The Chart Busters.
* Ladybirds clip - You're My World - Cilla Black.
* New Release - New York Mining Disaster, 1941 - The Bee Gees.
* Time for Blackburn - You Got What It Takes - Dave Clark.
* New Release - I Can See for Miles - The Who.
* Time for Blackburn - Road to Cairo - Julie Driscoll.
* 6:00 pm Whittaker's World of Music - Roger Whittaker welcomes Ginette Reno, J. Vincent Edwards, Pieces of Eight, The Ladybirds, Blue Mink Rhythm, Slade, Freda Payne, Joe Brown, Jawbone and Ginette Reno to his LWT show from 1971 (TX: 22/05/1971).
* 6:45 pm Closedown - the end of The Old Grey Whistle Test followed by promotional announcements for the following week's edition and Radio 1's Rock On with Richard Skinner, then easy listening music and stills of fireworks.


* 12:00 pm Set of 6 - The Pentangle perform on this Granada show produced by Muriel Young (TX: 27/06/1972).
* 12:30 pm The Sound of - George Chisholm. A Border Television production (TX: 26/10/1971).
* 1:00 pm Cool for Cats - Kent Walton hosts this Associated-Rediffusion production from 1958, also featuring Mike Preston.
* 1:30 pm The Flying Pickets - the popular a capella vocal group star in their own Granada special from 1981.
* 2:00 pm Alan Price Sings - a BBC Manchester production (TX: 26/08/1976).
* 2:30 pm Celebration - "Ten years in an open-necked shirt". John Cooper Clarke returns to his home town of Salford while enjoying the success of a third album in the charts. He is interviewed while being driven around local landmarks and the programme features four exclusive performances as well as complete archive live appearance from 1977 (TX: 22/05/1980).
* 3:00 pm Disco - Terry Wogan hosts this rarely seen BBC pop quiz. Team captains Roger Scott and Tim Rice are joined by Jigsaw, Adrienne Posta, Jackie Trent, Freddie Garrity and Hank Marvin (TX: 12.10.1975).
* 3:30 pm Colour Me Pop - Michael Dean hosts this untransmitted edition featuring The Chambers Brothers, recorded on 29th March 1969.
* 4:00 pm Tony Bennett at the Talk of the Town - the legendary American singer is joined for his London show by Robert Farnon And His Orchestra, John Bunch and Cleo Laine (TX: 30/08/1972).
* 4:30 pm The Showaddywaddy Show - The popular fifties-themed pop group front their own show from BBC Birmingham, also featuring singer Kiki Dee (TX: 30/12/1980).
* 5:30 pm New Sessions - Bob Dickinson introduces The New Fast Automatic Daffodils, recorded live at The Hacienda, Manchester.
* 6:00 pm Another Evening with Burt Bacharach - the celebrated composer and pianist welcomes Mireille Mathieu, Dusty Springfield and Juliet Prowse to his ATV show. Musical realisation by Jack Parnell and his Orchestra (TX: 13/09/1970).
* 7:00 pm Closedown

All material at Kaleidoscope events is screened with the permission of the copyright holders. Programmes and timings may be subject to change before the day. Guests appear subject to professional and personal commitments.

In 2013 Kaleidoscope is supporting the Royal National Lifeboat Institution once again.

The Talbot Hotel is offering a special room rate for anyone coming to Kaleidoscope events, so if you wish to stay the night before or after the event, please mention Kaleidoscope when booking.

Tel: 01384 394350

Full details of this event and Kaleidoscope's other activities can always be found on our web site: www.kaleidoscope.org.uk. We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Hope some of you will join us on the day,

Adrian Petford,

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Re: Kaleidoscope: Pop Around The Clock, Saturday 1st June 20

Post by Koen »

Like all those Kaleidoscope offerings this looks like a fascinating line up I'll never get to see because I live too far away.

The reason I'm replying here is that German TV channel 3Sat frequently broadcasts 24 hours of vintage pop under the "Pop Around the Clock" banner. No idea whether this could have legal implications, but I thought you might like to know that.
Google tells me there's also an American popcorn store with the same name. :-)

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Re: Kaleidoscope: Pop Around The Clock, Saturday 1st June 20

Post by Brian F »

Looks a good line-up, with luck I'll be free to attend this time.

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Re: Kaleidoscope: Pop Around The Clock, Saturday 1st June 20

Post by atomic23 »

As we've come to expect, another excellent line-up for Kal's music event . The Top Of The Pops compilation is a real highlight and I'm most looking forward to seeing Andy 'Fair Weather' Low's 'Natural Sinner', the Bowie film for 'John I'm Only Dancing' and the rehearsal footage of Roy Wood from 1973. On top of that Pans People dancing to T.Rex's 'Truck On Tyke', The Sweet on Dave Cash plus Suzi Quatro, Slade etc make it another must-see event.

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Re: Kaleidoscope: Pop Around The Clock, Saturday 1st June 20

Post by tiswas2 »

Looks a great line up of rarely seen material

The Whittaker's world of music from what i've seen on You Tube looks an interesting show

It would be a great show to see a release of this - but being an ITV music show, I would be suprised if it ever made it on dvd

Great though Network are at releasing comedy and drama from the commercial channels- there's only really been The Tube compilation and The Marc Bolan series been released that i can recall.

You live in hope - I'm still waiting for the BBC to show the pop's recoveries that were screened last year and the year before

Will definately be at the Talbot though

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Re: Kaleidoscope: Pop Around The Clock, Saturday 1st June 20

Post by atomic23 »

Don't forget the next Kal event is this Saturday.

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