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Re: News Flash

Posted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:50 pm
by Paul Hayes
Bernie wrote:BBC lunchtime news today, with the sound turned down...... At 1.20 "in other news, East Anglia has been washed away, and the pound has been devalued to 10p. Now back to our main story". Sound down again.

I fully expected the London local news to lead on NM, and was amazed when they didn't - after all, NM was in London once or twice. I pointed a camera at him in the British Museum.

The thing is though, surely that's what the national news is for, to report major national and world events?

I'm sure it was a tricky decision for the editors of the national news, but I'm pretty sure they'd have been criticised either way.

People who lived in the affected areas had the news they needed, from us. We were doing it all night, and could provide more specific, continuing information than the TV would ever have been able to anyway.