BBC: A Christmas Carol

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BBC: A Christmas Carol

Post by fatcat »

Would anybody agree that the BBC did a fine PC job on their new version of A Christmas Carol?

Highlights included.

Apparently Scrooge was the way he was due to a pedophile teacher when he was young.

Saved from his young stupid shortcomings by his noble sister.

Marley and Scrooge were just ancestral 'greedy bankers'. .." working to rip off the many for the few"

The ghost of Christmas past was actually Arab...presumbly got his wiseness from the Koran?

Bob Cratchet's wife was of mixed race and when she needed a loan Scrooge demanded 'part' payment would be sex on Christmas Day.

A subtle hint to Grenfell Tower chucked in there too.

I think we got the message though that men of the UK have always been stupid, greedy, evil bastards.It's a shame that the programme had to hijack a much-loved morality tale instead of coming up with a unique tale themselves

Didn't see the rest of it..was it good?

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Re: BBC: A Christmas Carol

Post by Brian F »

The big question would be would this have almost revived Christmas as a holiday the way they say Dickens original book did?

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Re: BBC: A Christmas Carol

Post by brigham »

I wonder it the turkey was Halal?
Or perhaps Tiny Tim's become a vegan...?

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Re: BBC: A Christmas Carol

Post by drmih »

It was way too long, with the uplifting bit (what there was of it) crammed in at the end. It should be a story to make you feel good at the end, not depressed. So many pointless changes (e.g. character names); key people missing and 21st century ideas crow-barred in. I don't think it'll be reappearing as a Christmas staple - perhaps Mr Peaky Blinders should have watched Scrooged to see how to put a fun spin on a classic without losing the core message.

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Re: BBC: A Christmas Carol

Post by Cole »

From the fact that Mrs Cratchet had supposedly summoned the spirits, I was surprised at the lack of forgiveness on her part. That's usually hand in hand with a redemption story.

I was also quite taken aback at Bob Cratchet's back-chat to Scroodge.

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