The All-Purpose Current Doctor Who (2005-) Thread

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Re: The All-Purpose Current Doctor Who (2005-) Thread

Post by Juswuh »

I watched again, and thought how unnecessary the whole "timeless child" business is, a pointless complication of a simple setup. If the Doctor's dying, he can survive by changing into a new body: that's all you need, and it's an idea that has served the show well. (If they'd just replaced William Hartnell with someone who looked like him, it's quite likely that An Unearthly Child would be the only surviving episode today.)

It wasn't helped by the timeless child's total lack of interest as a character. Why do shows do these flashback scenes with big setups and sweeping camerawork, only to have the thing centre on a child actor who looks nothing like the adult they're supposed to grow into, with the glassy-eyed expression of someone waiting to be told what to do next?

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Re: The All-Purpose Current Doctor Who (2005-) Thread

Post by spflog1 »

I don't mind it if they're trying to put a bit of mystery back into the Doctor's identity/origin. Maybe it was just felt that the whole Gallifrey/Time Lord thing had been rather overused (and abused) and consequently had lost some of that mystery. Good luck to them on that. Maybe The Timeless Children will be looked upon in the future much like The War Games has been since 1969, as a pivotal landmark moment in the show's history.

I just hope the Cyberman Time Lord hybrids don't make a reappearance. They looked utterly ridiculous, even worse than those New Paradigm Daleks from 2010 and that takes some doing! I'm also not keen on seeing Cybermen led by a member of another unconverted species, such as the Master. Cybermen should be in control of their own destiny, otherwise they just become uninteresting rent-a-monster puppets.

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Re: The All-Purpose Current Doctor Who (2005-) Thread

Post by Mark »

The Cybermen in Nu-Who have never been used very well, not helped by the fact they are still stomping around like toy soldiers.

The new 'Old style' masks were quite good though.

Also not keen on the way the Master's victims flip about when he uses his TCE on them.
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