'Doctor' actors recently on TV

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'Doctor' actors recently on TV

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It was good to see Colin Baker in 'Celeb 5 go Caravanning : Back on the Road' on Channel 5 recently and liked watching Peter Davison in Great British Car Journeys not so long ago. I'm also interested to hear of any Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy appearances there might be.
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Re: 'Doctor' actors recently on TV

Post by Cole »

A bit of a double whammy this one... during Paul McGann's stint on Holby City as the insane/murderous Professor John Gasgill a couple of years ago, Sylvester McCoy guested on an episode as a patient.

Disappointingly, the two characters didn't meet, so no in-joke lines were uttered... which was a shame as Holby doesn't usually shy from in-jokes: on an earlier episode, when McGann first joined, porter Jason Haynes asked a colleague "would you like a jelly baby?" while proffering a paper bag.

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