We Love Dad's Army

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We Love Dad's Army

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I enjoyed this Channel 5 documentary with lots of new (to me) looks behind the scenes. I especially liked them in/on Jones's van in the London to Brighton car run. It was nice to, at least, hear Ian Lavender's 2020 comments; maybe done over the phone or from the radio? Good to see Caroline Dowdeswell; I always thought it would have been good if she had remained in the show. The choice of clips was pretty good with Fraser's Story of the 'old empty barn'. I didn't know he had done Hamlet before he was 30 and so even younger than David Tennant did. A very rewatchable addition to all the other docus.
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Re: We Love Dad's Army

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Enjoy it now, before John Laurie's portrayal of a Scotsman becomes 'inappropriate for today's audience'.

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Re: We Love Dad's Army

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Didn't see it, but agree about Caroline Dowdeswell, she should have continued in it, a lovely Actress who should have done a lot more on TV.
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