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The return of Star Cops!

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 2:51 pm
by Controller 2957
Very pleased to report that Big Finish are picking up the Star Cops baton!

Re: The return of Star Cops!

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:07 pm
by Private Frazer
If the stories are anywhere near as good as the original ones and with this cast it will be great. Thanks.

Re: The return of Star Cops!

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:15 pm
by Private Frazer
I always wished there would be more Star Cops stories. This Is now a birthday request.

Re: The return of Star Cops!

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:21 pm
by Spiny Norman
Recently a stereo mix for the original series was also found, it was kept by the son of a sound engineer.

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Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:54 am
by Nick Cooper 625
Spiny Norman wrote:Recently a stereo mix for the original series was also found, it was kept by the son of a sound engineer.
Shame that wasn't available for the DVD. I know the series was transmitted in NICAM (where possible), but at the time there was hardly any domestic receiving equipment (TVS or VCRs) available, if any.

Re: The return of Star Cops!

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:53 am
by Spiny Norman
Nick Cooper 625 wrote:
Spiny Norman wrote:Recently a stereo mix for the original series was also found, it was kept by the son of a sound engineer.
Shame that wasn't available for the DVD. I know the series was transmitted in NICAM (where possible), but at the time there was hardly any domestic receiving equipment (TVS or VCRs) available, if any.
Not sure it was even transmitted. From what I understand, he made a stereo mix but it wasn't used. At home he tried to apply it, but couldn't get it synchronized. Today, that problem could easily be solved.

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Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 6:35 pm
by Private Frazer
I was hoping this was coming in May but Amazon are quoting 30th June 2018 now; anybody know if that is accurate? Thanks.

Re: The return of Star Cops!

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:52 pm
by Private Frazer
A cool CD box arrived from Big Finish. They announced on 3rd June that in general CD's will now only be available for 12 months after release digital revolution

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Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:38 pm
by AndrewP
My wife and I finished this set over the weekend. Massively enjoyable - with some really nice elements in the final episode. A terrific continuation of the original series, building successfully on the style and tone set down all those years ago. Looking forward to more! :)

All the best


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Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:01 pm
by Private Frazer
Yes, I've listened once to them and these audio adventures are a very enjoyable continuation of Star Cops with lots of nods to the TV Series. The new characters joining the force feels just the same as before when Anna Shoun arrived midway. As before different writers give their slant to the incidents while continuing the underlying Mother Earth situation. Just a brief hello from Pal Kenzy so far but I'm really looking forward to her involvement in the second part. I've arranged it so I hear the original opening theme tune before each one!

Re: The return of Star Cops!

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:53 am
by Nick Cooper 625
I'd probably buy these, if the prices weren't so horrific.

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Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:35 pm
by Private Frazer
Part 2 arrived on 30th November and the accompanying Vortex pamphlet has a great four pages on it.

... and a week later I've listened to them (just the final track documentaries still to hear). It's very much in the original style of the TV series and a joy to hear these voices again.

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Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 9:25 pm
by Private Frazer
I'm really glad that Star Cops came back as full-cast audio dramas (with sound effects and music) with the regular cast including three of the original cast!

Regular Cast:
Nathan Spring - David Calder
Colin Devis - Trevor Cooper
Pal Kenzy - Linda Newton
Paul Bailey - Philip Olivier
Pria Basu - Rakhee Thakrar

Add to this all of Big Finish's experience and it's hardly suprising that bringing the Star Cops back (to the near future) is a great success. As in the 1980's TV Series the individual writers give each episode a slightly different feel but the tone is consistently that of the original. Everyone involved, including script editor Andrew Smith and director Helen Goldwyn, deserves a mention for achieving this. So alongside the persistent threat of the 'Mother Earth' activist group (which acts in audio as a sort of visual anchor) all sorts of cases and characters come along and Mother Earth 2 has a truly great finale. I thought I would now write, one episode at a time, about as many nods to the TV series that I find while enjoying another listen - starting with :

Episode One: One Of Our Cops Is Missing - by Andrew Smith
What a surprise Nathan's old friend Brian Lincoln (Andrew Secombe), one of his earthbound cops from the first TV episode returns! I'm thinking maybe there might be other old 'visiting' characters. This is an opportunity for him to remind Nathan of his astronaut training and scepticism of computer verdicts of crimes. Setting a very familiar scene, "This is where you come in" says Brian when he explains that his undercover detective, new regular character Paul, was last seen on the moon.

The same old Colin still thinks Nathan will be annoyed that Pria banned all EVA on a spacestation. "But it's her case" says Nathan. Colin then explains to new Star Cop Pria that the computer predicts a faulty valve as the most likely cause of a near fatal accident that she is investigating. She disagrees, refusing to rule out deliberate intervention. This is reminiscent of Nathan's scepticism of Brian's assessment, based on computer prediction, of the cause of the man drowning in the first TV episode. The Colin we know from TV then tells Pria he's applied for promotion asking "What do you think about that Sweetheart?". Pria's reply? "Don't call me sweetheart again"!

Pal Kenzy first appears (a great moment) speaking to Nathan about a spaceport at Malmo, Sweden, mentioning that she's "coming your way in a few months" - a nod to her, eagerly awaited by me, appearance proper in Mother Earth 2 (when Linda Newton came to join the cast in the UK).

Pria can be heard talking to a computer (although they must still output visually) which shows how Nathan's 'Box' was ahead of it's time - audio input presumably becoming the norm in this near future.

In a recognisable situation Colin gets carried away saying "Good" before Nathan, concise as always, asks him to "stop talking". Who's been promoted? The scene can very easily be imagined as it would have been on TV!

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Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 2:46 pm
by Private Frazer
Episode Two: Tranquility And Other illusions - by Ian Potter

A quiet start with only a reminder that Nathan's father invented box and gave it his voice. Later in the story, as Box helps unravel all the events going on on the moon, I find myself asking if he deserves to be considered as much of a character as the computers in Blakes 7.

Things remain pretty tranquil working on the moon while the new investigation team get to know one another with, of the old show, only a "screen off" and Nathan still having to circumvent amusingly, and succesfully so far, imposed authority.

I shouldn't have been surprised when Colin is lured into being tempoarily off-duty but this time it's not, as on TV, as harmless as one of his exes. Something from Devis's past police work is undeservedly catching up with him but thankfully Pria has been noticing both what he's like and the things that have just been going on, telling him "No-one could like you that much". He doesn't quite agree but is certainly starting to appreciate what others in authority saw in Pria.

Finally a familiar situation; amidst their relief at preventing the final crime of revenge, Nathan reminds the Star Cops of the bigger picture. When a new outfit they justified their existance one crime after another. Now they have the additional job of facing an organisation that isn't going to be so easy to eradicate.

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Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 12:10 pm
by Private Frazer
Episode Three: Lockdown - by Christopher Hatherall

Nathan's policing methods are challenged by secret new security being showcased at a conference in Paris by a Mr. Royale who finds him "abrupt and to the point" (much better than my earlier concise). Nathan replies "It served me well" and its good, now that we know Paul and Pria a little, that he can become pretty central in this one.

As what turns out to be two different plots unfold, the accompanying Pria and the coordinator Shayla are soon both prevented from helping as much as they would like. The background to several people they come across needs urgently to be researched. It's not that their mobile technology wouldn't be up to the job, they just don't have the time. So there now starts the great teamwork we remember from TV between two different locations (Colin and Paul not getting to go to Paris) and is something I really like here.

The other thing about Lockdown is that, in very realistically creating the conference venue using lots of great sound techniques, I can quite easily imagine this story as a TV episode.

It's quite amusing how Colin is having a bit of a rest when the others are sorting out pretty basic crimes.Towards the end, before re-assessing where they are with regard to the Mother Earth activists, Nathan learns about one aspect of the 'new technolgy' and he can justifiably say "is that all it is?" 'Abrupt and to the point' will still serve him well.

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Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 2:01 pm
by Private Frazer
Episode Four: The Thousand Ton Bomb - by Guy Adams

Colin's snooping in a loading bay on the moon is interrupted by an unlucky would-be bomber. Over and again Colin helps instinctively or, in this case, accidentally. Not one to miss an opportunity to take credit, his account of events suits the sceptical boss fine for filing in a report. The Star Cops had a bad press so its a time to hush this up and restore their image.

Some undercover work, such as by Colin visiting Japan in 'In Warm Blood', was always to be expected. What Nathan gives Paul here seriously risks his life; joining Mother Earth terrorists trying to destroy the Vasco Di Gama spacestation at its VIP opening ceremony. More characteristic of Nathan would be playing dangerous games himself; remember his investigating the crates in 'This Case To Be Opened In a Million Years'? Paul gets more than enough beating up too! Even though I know there are grittier stories to come this one feels, to my mind, least like the TV show.

Nathan has meanwhile been planning two things. He's arranged for a 'friend' to be on the Vasco Di Gama and been doing surveillance on a new arrival that's on the point of being able to take over his authority for its security.

Looking on the brighter side of this one, I did like being reminded of him saying "That bloody woman has reinstated herself" at the end of 'Intelligent Listening For Beginners' when his friend, Pal Kenzy, asks if there's a job!

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Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2020 2:19 pm
by Private Frazer
Episode Five: Dead And Buried - by Guy Adams

Nathan has to remind Colin that homicide was his thing (Conversations With the Dead) after he complains he isn't getting to investigate the burglary of a wealthy man. He then has Kenzy teasing him about who the lady is on the screen (Pria) before being assigned alongside her boss. Yes, Pal kenzy has returned and the old crew know what they can get away with!

On their way they discuss whether the killing of the burglar by the man could ever be justified. Further suspicions about the him arise when Kenzy is once again (This Case To Be Opened In A Million Years) offered good money to work for him.

Meanwhile Colin and Paul, who is grateful for being saved, are to respond to a call by the caretaker about strange irregularities at a cemetary on the moon. Paul brings Colin up to speed about why it's almost impossible that so many of those interred don't have any internet presence. He may be a bit of an IT dinosaur but its Colin that can easily get the caretaker's coffee machine to work.

As the mystery deepens around dead people that may never have existed, they discuss what proper process should be taken if they had the time but opt for initiative! That the background sound can be occassionally ambiguous only increases the suspense. The caretaker has probably had to become a bit of a happy chap (like in The Avengers) but he isn't able to keep that outward appearance while Colin proves the absolute hero of the situation yet again.

Nathan later dreads hearing about all the initiative going on but without any time to do anything to help. Presumably at a distance the experienced Brian Lincoln is involved again. With, so far, little to suggest that there might be a link to the investigation of the burgled man the story beautifully escalates to its exciting finale; a really good one.

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Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 4:21 pm
by Private Frazer
Episode Six: The Killing Jar - by John Dorney

Paul has had a tough time since bringing his undercover skills to the team, facing torture, asphyxiation and explosive devices to name but a few. This time, going to a space station to investigate irregularities from an informer, he first has to make a search. Only intended sarcastically, his "Police officer - they let anyone join" does feel like he's putting himself down in front of a suspect but maybe that's just his way of getting results. Can we hope he gets the chance to do this normal work for a while?

Colin, who as we know has done really well, is staying at the base on the moon while his collegues take a shuttle flight which is long enough for them to get some well-earned sleep. He's still got a bit of a grudge about not getting promoted but somehow hides it and even manages to become the local boss for a while. Fortunately for them all he doesn't get round, in the end, to doing everything a boss might have done.

Pria has an important role after her early promotion and is confident. Having had several difficult assignments she's proved herself, as we might have expected, very capable. After being off duty she arrives at the base in the morning and is asked first to check the mail. A memory stick turns up from the informer which leads to plenty of speculation by everyone as to why its contents are encrypted. She then wants to deal with the persistant local press.

Kenzy has settled right back in the job and is given Box to help with the investigation on a space station. Saying "this place has been done over" prompts the always-listening Box to ask which of two meanings, decorated or ransacked, applies to the room. She's finding him a bit infuriating in helping trace the whereabouts of the informer. As useful as it has proved previously bumping into people she knows is almost to be expected. They all have their strengths!

Nathan, after initial instruction, likes to let officers get on with things. It's a bit more than delegating but he does like them to have listened. But there are times he just feels he needs to be hands-on and so he's also on the space station. The latest appointed deputy has got as little preferential treatment as those in the past but he's still rather annoyed to learn that she hasn't been running things after all back at base. He also hasn't found the investigating and preventing that he expected, as they are all forced to deal with as serious a situation as there could be in Space. He's still able to simultaneously figure out how the press covered it all and, as the only one of them who could, puts it to their advantage against Mother Earth.

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Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 2:55 pm
by Private Frazer
Episode Seven: Moonshine - by Roland Moore

As in 'Other People's Secrets' a mechanic is struggling to work in the confines imposed out in Space. When Kenzy hears his name and that he has been sent back to Australia she realises she knows him and persuades Nathan that he's no criminal. An Earth police report that he killed himself send her and Colin to investigate. Then Nathan and Pria learn of a man on moonbase with similar problems but at the same time have to deal with a scrutinizing superior, Mr. Miller. Leaving a cringing first impression its interesting to see how his truer personality emerges. As for Paul, he's out of action in a hospital bed.

On Earth Colin has persuaded Kenzy that they say they're a couple. They may be on assignment but there's no doubt they're also enjoying the nature park where things have led them. The atmosphere created through sound relaxes us to envisage their movements in contrast to the machine sounds of the hi-tech space environment. And this maybe contributes to how powerful the drama later becomes. A man appears and questions them. He turns out to be Phil, another aquaintance of Kenzy's (colourful) past or Ex as Colin more bluntly puts it. He's another complex and intriguing character alongside Mr. Miller and also becomes a potential criminal suspect that goes up and down in our minds.

Mr. Miller moves from sexist to obnoxious but, as he talks to Pria on her own, surprisingly seems to be harmless and actually probably just who he says he is. Nathan also seems to agree with Pria about this.

Technical tricks start to be played on Colin and Kenzy as they look at the database of the dead mechanic. Big laugh when Kenzy says "brilliant" about Colin having told the authorities she's the mans sister. I imagine they probably looked nothing like one another but Colin hadn't been bothered to think up anything better.

As I'm listening on I realise more and more that it all works so well because of lots of great little scenes; but still wasn't prepared for how emotional the climax with Kenzy and Phil is. Hope you hear it.

Nathan's alertness saves Mr. Miller from death. What now, surely he can't be serious about a formal investigation?

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Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2020 11:00 am
by Private Frazer
Episode Eight: Hostage - by Andrew Smith

Sarah Sutton (who of course played Nyssa alongside the fifth Doctor) takes a role in this story and its nice to know she's still involved in Sci-Fi dramas.

In the ISPF (International Space Police Force) a few things help to get you back to work or then through the day. We know about some of Kenzy's ploys for getting back into work but what about Paul's? A white lie about the doctor discharging him does the trick this time; maybe it was a bit hasty. Pria lightens up the situation when she and Kenzy have to start running in this one. Pria says she hasn't had her work out today yet which lets Kenzy tell her that she doesn't believe in them. Colin too shows his sense of humour when keeping his distance while trailing suspects in a moon buggy, saying that if he was any further back they'd be coming round the moon behind him. It reminds me of a joke he made in one of the earlier stories that a bullet fired on the moon could go right round it and still find its target. In this job they need some banter to survive.

Great stuff.

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Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2020 7:47 pm
by Private Frazer
There are more Star Cops adventures from Big Finish! Mars 1 + Mars 2

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Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 2:00 pm
by Private Frazer
Episode Nine: The New World - by Andrew Smith

What a great start with a rough landing for the three experienced Star Cops led by Nathan. No ill effects however for Colin and Kenzy who are pleased to settle in to half gravity. Their boss is the one most impressed by the Martian landscape but he has more pressing priorities. With no authority, yet, he hopes to convince the hundreds of colonists that they need a police force. Many here believe that this ‘New Earth’ should be just that – a chance for a new way of life. There are also many of the bases with commercial interests of course which could be a problem.

Among those we’re introduced to in the first Mars story it becomes pretty likely, as we get to know him, that Jean Arnaud is a reliable figure. But straightaway the colonists can’t hide an apparent problem they have with the theft of water. It would be a valuable commodity and something is up. The remoteness of Mars accentuates some things compared to the problems on the moon.

Learning that a few tourists are tolerated adds to a feeling that some ideals are already compromised. It feels pretty quickly that not only is Nathan right to believe that Mars needs policing but also they haven’t arrived too early. His suggestion that his portable computer, Box, be given some music when it’s on hold isn’t so good though, and I like Kenzy telling him “Please Don’t!”. By finding out what one colonist is up to the Star Cops have got their feet inside a Martian Base door, but Mr. Arnaud is the only one with the authority to send the colonist home.

I’m very intrigued at the end to see how their visit continues!

Re: The return of Star Cops!

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 4:00 pm
by Private Frazer
Episode Ten: The Shadow Of This Red Rock – by Una McCormack

Nathan and Kenzy are in trouble as they transport the banished colonist between bases. Something happened to the engines and, thanks to Kenzy’s skills, they are down but in the middle of nowhere. Time for Colin to come to the rescue but there’s a storm brewing. Meanwhile at the crash site does the approaching vehicle belong to Colin or to someone coming to the aid of the colonist? Well things get a good bit more complicated than that and with the added complication that all their movements, of course, are between pressurised habitats.

Kenzy’s getting tense, Nathan’s reliably logical and outwardly relaxed Colin is actually ready, as usual, for any shenanigans. They haven’t changed much! But even Colin seems to be in a spot of bother this time as he’s held captive. Nothing works better in Star Cops than following two dilemmas where both parties could do with a bit of help from the other.

Meanwhile, in Nathan and Kenzy’s predicament, they get to find out about a solitary Mars resident. We’re getting a better picture of life on Mars and some of the personal reasons why someone would choose to go there. When Nathan explains that he really can sympathise we’re reminded of the tragic events with Lee in the TV episode ‘Conversations With The Dead’. Later, their viewing of Mariner Valley is so overpowering to make them momentarily forget the problems and its vivid description is one of the surprisingly simple highlights of all the adventures.

Colin’s chances of escape seem to be going from bad to worse as things switch back to the other four, two of whom are seeing even more of the spectacular landscape for the first time as they have to make their way on foot amongst the red and black rocks.

The end of the day brings Colin wanting to know why they can’t follow things up his way by going to the base he was captive at. Then there's an unexpected short exchange:
Kenzy: “What about the Ganymede investigation”?
Nathan: “I told you before we left the moon – while we’re on Mars we do not discuss the Ganymede incident. Not one word.”
Something to be resolved in future episodes perhaps.

This was a very good episode particularly in conjuring up the planet surface and giving an insight into what a less-social life might be like there.

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Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 9:00 am
by Private Frazer
Episode Eleven: Whatever Happened To Gary Rice? – by Guy Adams

Colin hasn’t settled down much but when Nathan’s around he keeps his frustrations to himself. Kenzy won’t let him eat in the canteen while he’s moaning. All three Star Cops get the same strange message “Whatever happened to Gary Rice?” After discussing the meals their investigations appropriately turn to the planet’s food production.

Visiting two involved research scientists both sides are playing the rhetorical detective game of question and answer. Without Nathan’s persistent tact their line of enquiry could easily have ended. Only mentioning general complaints about his latest assigned tasks, Colin accompanies Kenzy to join local staff for a bite to eat (what about Nathan’s?). I find myself imagining that their following tour of a facility is like the one in an episode of the BBC 1990’s ‘Bugs’ (Manna from Heaven). It really can be even more dramatic imagining things in audio - and the niceties don’t last long this time either.

From a neighbouring base Nathan learns a lot more about the competition in food research and Gary Rice. He’s out of touch with the others for quite a while here. News is only incidentally given by Box who has been busy working on his last task. There’s a great sense of relief when the, in favour again, Box helps him contact them later.

Box has uncovered a new covert research programme and so, with considerable risk, they all try to link up. But on top of survival worries there are other big surprises in store for Nathan’s team. What an ending!

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Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 11:00 am
by Private Frazer
Episode Twelve: Bodies Of Evidence – by Andrew Smith

On the moon, shortly before Nathan, Colin and Kenzy leave for Mars (an explanation for which will hopefully be given), the Mars shuttle Ganymede is expected to arrive. Things go wrong and Kenzy manages to give warning of its imminent crash landing. Pria investigates the remains of the interior and finds concealed disfigured bodies.

Nathan speaks for the first time to Lachman of LRI (Lachman Research Industries) who has major influence on Mars. His animosity makes it clear that he’s about to be one of Nathan’s biggest hurdles in getting cops out there. He has friends in high places; friends that can prevent Nathan in his determined line of enquiry. This makes Nathan decide on a plan he was considering. Paul has just finished the routine work of sending another violent person back to Earth. He and Pria are now assigned secretly by Nathan to undercover work to Mars. Even Colin and Kenzy aren’t to know.

After they’ve been on Mars a while they discover the others must have arrived when the stumble upon an injured Colin. Fortunately for Nathan, Colin is so disorientated that he doesn’t realise who has rescued him. There are a few times when a Star Cop reverts against official instructions as Pria does here; it’ll be alright as long as things work out! They maybe haven’t blown their cover with their colleagues but gamble on revealing their true identities to an apparently sympathetic LRI associate on Mars. It would have been a difficult situation either way.

Nathan considers their actions as “circumstances beyond their control” and as Colin and Kenzy come to terms to being kept in the dark it is as he says “time to move on”. The flashback has complicated things a little here but with time the story resolves itself for me. So we move on again but as a corpse disappears, and Mr. Lachman unexpectedly arrives from Earth (by private means of course), this is once more never that simple.

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Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 1:00 pm
by Private Frazer
Episode Thirteen: Human Kind – by Helen Goldwyn

Who are the other people involved in all the goings-on on Mars in this episode?

An anxious woman (who turns out to be Neve O’Connell, a senior medic) is stowing away on a mars vehicle.

Neve is trying to contact a certain Michail (her partner) and get them both off the planet.

Base commander Barbara Holmberg discovers her on Obama Base.

Byran Lachman has lots of questions for a Star Cop.

He also has lots for him, particularly why a certain Julian Granger was murdered. Lachman seems to be a good friend of Barbara and is not pleased to hear about Neve.

A base medic discovers Neve but she doesn’t suspect anything unusual.

Lachman contacts an obvious accomplice of his, Lewis Reynolds (a medic) and is highly critical of how he is handling things. Some of Lachman’s henchmen are up to no good and also sedate Barbara who wants to hide the fact (from the Star Cops) that she is helping them. Neve gets help from an initially unsuspecting Star Cop and eventually explains her actions. Two Star Cops investigating a ‘synthetic growth’ complex find a body (that turns out to be Michail).

A sick patient Alice - just another of Lachman’s victims - is put to sleep by Lewis in front of a held-captive Star Cop.

Then its confirmed that more sick patients were found by the Star Cops earlier.

Jean Arnaud is talking innocently to Byran before Barbara takes over (about more sinister things). Lachman talks at a large gathering to try and dissuade the colonists from having a police presence. Jean interrupts and tries to defend them and this reconfirms that he’s one reliable person. Neve resorts to desperate actions and explains why as things become horrifically clear. She adds to the evidence building up about the true character of Lachman.

A member of staff tells Nathan he has a call; just one of the few other characters.

Other colonists are often heard giving things a very realistic backdrop.

So, as could be expected in this typical episode, there are plenty of credited characters, other parts, one-time appearances and background voices to be heard, all put together with great skill.

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Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 3:00 pm
by Private Frazer
Episode Fourteen: The Highest Ground – by Andrew Smith

At last things may be turning as Jean Arnaud convinces the meeting about Star Cops on Mars to give them one more day in an investigation. Not only Lachman is getting desperate but Barbara too, who deliberately leaves Nathan access to his confiscated guns. Everybody is heading for the Mariner Valley base with their opposing reasons when all five of Nathan’s team get stranded in the Martian desert.

Lachman tells us of another of his bases as he plans to destroy all evidence at Mariner Valley. A big argument develops between him and Barbara and using coercion he gets her reluctant support but it feels like a dangerous relationship. In the meantime the Star Cops manage to get to relative safety as Lachman continues bickering. Kenzy realises that the high signal range at the top of Olympus Mons could be used to send an SOS message to other bases. Using a shuttle she and Nathan take off and it briefly gets a bit Star Wars before returning more … ‘down to earth’ isn’t quite right here.

Having finally achieved a place on Mars it only remains for Nathan to assign someone as ISPF chief and who it turns out to be may come as a bit of a surprise. While following this concluding episode, the title also suggests to me that the Star Cops, when it comes down to it, are really all concerned with the highest principles of right and wrong behaviour; in fact - reading between the words - the title could really be ‘The Highest Moral Ground’.

In conclusion there were thankfully not many officer injuries on Mars, still lots of
humorous moments and a new environment for some enjoyable drama, and I for one hope they always find somewhere new to go. It’s great to have new Star Cop cases.

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Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 1:02 am
by Mark
Did you know there is a book out on the series from Miwk Publishing, covering the TV and Audio episodes, full of interviews as well.

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Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 10:05 am
by Private Frazer
Mark wrote:
Mon Oct 12, 2020 1:02 am
Did you know there is a book out on the series from Miwk Publishing, covering the TV and Audio episodes, full of interviews as well.
No I didn't; thanks, it sounds very interesting.

Re: The return of Star Cops!

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 10:56 pm
by Mark
Just been published.

It was a great series, there should have been more on TV.