Absolutely on the Radio

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Absolutely on the Radio

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Having loved the Channel 4 series Absolutely all those years ago, yesterday I found out the there is currently a BBC Radio series with he same cast... on series three! It just goes to show that if you take your eye off the ball things like this can pass you by!

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Re: Absolutely on the Radio

Post by Brock »

This is one of those "reinventing the wheel" projects that can make my head spin.

Pete Baikie, Jack Docherty, Moray Hunter and Gordon Kennedy first got together on BBC Radio 4 in 1985 for a four-part sketch series called In Other Words... The Bodgers. The following year they were joined by Morwenna Banks and John Sparkes in 1986 for a six-part series called Bodgers, Banks and Sparkes. The cast then moved to Channel 4 in 1989 where the show was renamed Absolutely and ran for four series until 1993. In 2013 Radio 4's Sketchorama broadcast a one-off reunion show (without Jack Docherty). This was followed up by a four-part series called The Absolutely Radio Show in 2015, a second series in 2017 and a third which is currently still airing.

So it's a radio re-branding of a TV re-branding of a show that started on the radio!

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