"The Goodies": "The Big Ben Theory" (Audible: 2019)

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"The Goodies": "The Big Ben Theory" (Audible: 2019)

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Well... that all works very nicely. I have to admit that I was bit apprehensive before I heard it… mainly because I’d always enjoyed “The Goodies” in my childhood primarily as a visual, and it’s only in adulthood that I’ve relished how very smart the verbal content is as well. As such, I wasn’t quite sure how the format would translate to radio, but this blend of the TV series with the smart media gags of "I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again" works extremely well. Indeed, it’s emphasised to me how very much overlap there is in terms of humour – notably puns and send-ups – between “The Goodies” and “ISIRTA”.

It was good to find so much topicality in there which was true to the original TV series – really mining some great gags and satirical barbs from the more absurd elements of the real world which we now live in. Having the approach of “The Goodies” humour applied to the modern world was rather refreshing – that lovely blend of daftness and satire which sort of defines the show at its best.

The character work was bang on as well, and the trio haven’t lost the timing that I’ve enjoyed so much over the years. I loved the fact that the script made it very, very clear that time had moved on and addressed it in all manner of very enjoyable ways; although it’s a continuation, everyone is very clear about the Goodies not having been quite as active in the last 40 years or so as they were previously. It’s a rich seam of good gags.
Some very funny gags in there, story works very well, all moves along very nicely indeed. Technically spot on as well. Very, very enjoyable. This is a series that has meant an awful lot to me, and to hear the Goodies back in action again has been massively enjoyable.

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Re: "The Goodies": "The Big Ben Theory" (Audible: 2019)

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Shame it wasn't thought of years ago, we could have had loads of them by now.

I hope there will be more?
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Re: "The Goodies": "The Big Ben Theory" (Audible: 2019)

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It would be great to hear this - “The Goodies” humour applied to the modern world. I hope to get it sometime.
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