Shipping forecast changes

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Shipping forecast changes

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It seems that not even that most venerable radio institution, the shipping forecast on Radio 4, is immune to the effects of Covid-19. As of yesterday the number of broadcasts per day was reduced from four to three:

The early morning bulletin, previously at 0520, has been moved to 0533 (News Briefing is no longer broadcast).
The midday bulletin, previously at 1201 on long wave only, is now on all frequencies at 1203, but only on weekdays.
The early evening bulletin on weekdays, previously at 1754 on long wave only, has been dropped. At weekends it continues on all frequencies.
The late-night bulletin at 0048 is unchanged.

I'm not sure of the reasons for this, unless it's to do with the availability of announcers to read it, or perhaps technical staff to deal with the frequency split. Any ideas?

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