PR: The Weak and the Wicked [Network]

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PR: The Weak and the Wicked [Network]

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A stellar cast features in this powerful, sympathetic drama tracing the contrasting lives and often faltering progress of the inmates of a women’s prison.

Based on the best-selling semi-autobiographical novel by Joan Henry – a writer and former debutante who would further draw upon her own prison experience for the novel and classic film Yield to the Night – The Weak and the Wicked is directed by Henry’s future husband, Oscar-nominated J. Lee Thompson. The film is featured here in a brand-new transfer from original film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

Jean Raymond, an upper-class woman who has become addicted to gambling, is given a twelve-month prison sentence resulting from her inability to pay her debts. At first she is overwhelmingly depressed by life in the women’s prison; gradually, however, her misery is relieved by the many close friends she makes there.

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Re: PR: The Weak and the Wicked [Network]

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"gradually,however,her despair is relieved by the many friends she makes while in a women's prison"? I'm sure I've seen something similar.

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Re: PR: The Weak and the Wicked [Network]

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Yes, I was thinking the same, then I remembered that Yvonne Mitchell had been in it and it was also an early role for Joan Collins... Turn the Key Softly (1953).

Did someone mention it here, or did I first read up on it while I was following up on Yvonne Mitchell's filmography after watching Out of the Unknown: The Machine Stops recently, I wonder? (Rhetorical question, only I can answer that.)

Yes, it'd be interesting to compare the two, Turn the Key Softly having been released in 2012 by Strawberry Media (individually and also as part of Strawb's Great British Movies: Film Noir Vol 1 set).

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Re: PR: The Weak and the Wicked [Network]

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Sid James? Sold!

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Re: PR: The Weak and the Wicked [Network]

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I saw this as a child and it stayed with me for years. Perhaps one of the best drama of the 1950's, if not the best prison drama and my favorite Diana Dors film.
I gave up on it ever being released.

The film is nothing like Network's boring description. I particularly liked the trial and the humorous poisoning pensioners bit.

I didn't enjoy "Turn the Key Softly" as much.

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Re: PR: The Weak and the Wicked [Network]

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I have an off-air of this, a very good film, I'll be upgrading.

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