The Glory Days of Cult TV Fanzines - Is There Interest Still

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Re: The Glory Days of Cult TV Fanzines - Is There Interest S

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cdnbob wrote:Just barge back into the conversation... ;-)

I've been talking with a fellow TV enthusiast about the idea of a Cult TV magazine. We've been giving it some thought and right now it looks like we're going to do something - maybe a one off - to test the market. Nothing 100% definite yet, but the seeds of ideas are there. We're looking at something along the lines of our faves from 'in the day' like The Frame, In-Vision, Timescreen, Action TV, SIG - something serious in tone, but not too dry or overtly scholarly. We're thinking along the scopes of those magazines but something with a modern twist. I'll definitely keep everyone on the forum in the loop as to developments. But, if this seems like something you'd like to get involved in, or even contribute to, please do feel free to get in touch.
Quick update to the above... the magazine is a go. We're currently developing a format, submission guidelines, etc. The magazine will be in the tradition of magazines like "Timescreen, The Frame, Action TV" but with a modern twist. We're looking at publishing something serious, along the lines of a journal, with serious, informative, insightful articles. We've also chosen the name for the publication - Chromakey. I'll keep everyone up-to-date with developments, and will let you know when we'll be seeking contributions, and more on the type of material we'll be publishing. If you have any questions, or might like to volunteer your services (writing, design, etc), feel free to PM me.

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Re: The Glory Days of Cult TV Fanzines - Is There Interest S

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Duncan wrote:Yes the miwk books are proving to be generally excellent and long may they continue.
I'd be more impressed with Miwk if they'd bothered to even reply to the pitch I sent to them. A "no thanks, not our thing" would have been fine, but to just ignore it was, well, ignorant. Hopefully I'll be PODing it some time this year.
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Re: The Glory Days of Cult TV Fanzines - Is There Interest S

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That's a shame because you're not exactly an unknown quantity when it comes to the sort of quality they'd be looking for.

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