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Ian Fryer
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TV Series Novelisations

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I found out yesterday that the 1974 Public Eye novelisation Cross That Palm When I Come To It by Audley Southcott, which essentially translates the 1969 Brighton series and the end of the previous series into book form, is being offered online for around £140 by various booksellers.

Book valuation algorithms occasionally come up with silly values like this, and no way on Earth is anyone going to actually pay this amount (I hope!), but I do wonder what my copy of Anthony Marriott's 1968 Public Eye novel Marker Calls the Tune is worth. It must be hard to come by, as their are currently no copies for sale online.

To pick another example, the Man in a Suitcase novel The Sleeping Cupid, which was a hard to find rarity back in the 1980s when I started collecting, is being offered for £25-30, which is a rather more believable amount.

I'm sure many of us on this forum have been collecting TV-spin off publications for a long time, and I do wonder if some of them are now genuinely worth a lot of money. Are there any which forum members have been searching for?

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Re: TV Series Novelisations

Post by stearn »

It is like most things, it is worth what someone is willing (or daft enough) to pay for it. What someone is trying to sell it for is never a good way of determining worth unless it actually sells. I buy a lot of collections of magazines, and the first thing I am told when offered a job lot is that they are worth a lot of money as they have looked on ebay. I immediately tell them to try to sell them on ebay as I have no intention of paying anywhere near that price, but to look at sold prices. Invariably they come back to me and we settle on a more sensible price and, as I am usually cutting them up, scanning them and then recycling them, isn't very much.

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Nick Cooper 625
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Re: TV Series Novelisations

Post by Nick Cooper 625 »

The same thing applies to one of my areas of interest, film production still, specifically those from Things to Come (obviously!). When I first started collecting these around 2002 they'd usually be around £10 each, and sometimes a particularly "rare" one would be worth paying up to £25 for. I say "rare" because, while most sellers claim they all are, a lot really aren't. From the burnt-in codes on the stills for TTC, there were at least 615 produced, of which I've accounted for just over half. Many of them I see coming up on eBay time and time again, but some either once or twice, or never at all.

Things being what they are, you would expect to be paying £15-£30 for the same stills now, and some do still appear for that price, or lower, but there are also sellers with huge rolling inventories who have been touting the same still for literally years for £80-100 or more. The result of that is that new sellers think that's what photos from the film are worth, even though nobody is actually buying them for that price. I actually have a big wad of duplicates (due to buying past job-lots for the ones I didn't have) that I can't work myself up to sell, because I know that I'd be lucky to sell even one or two out of every ten listed, even if I put £5-10 BINs on all of them.
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Kieran Seymour
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Re: TV Series Novelisations

Post by Kieran Seymour »

Not a novelisation, but I discovered last week that David Rudkin's script to Penda's Fen was published in hardback in the 1970s (ISBN: 0706701879). I can't say that I want a copy, but from having a look around it appears to be a bit of a rarity and I suspect it's one that will be priced accordingly when copies do turn up.

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