Found, thanks to the internet

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Found, thanks to the internet

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Today I found a song I remember we sang at school in 1974. All I could remember was
"There was an auld ?? Cat, And it was unco gray; It brocht a moose into the hoose …
which turns out to be one version of a very old song 'The Cameronian Cat' which dates from the 17th century. The unknown word was Seceder. A search found this on a traditional song website and I'm now going to read all about it. A strange choice for a performance!

I can't imagine (very easily) having found this any other way. Have you re-discovered something with the help of the internet?
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Re: Found, thanks to the internet

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Private Frazer wrote:
Sun Mar 08, 2020 10:23 am
Have you re-discovered something with the help of the internet?
Yes, probably thousands of times - including a lot of stuff that I've posted here!

Far more remarkable are those rare occasions when I can't find something with the help of the internet. I'm so used to the idea that "everything is online" that it comes as something of a shock when the words to an old song don't turn up or something like that.

It can sometimes be hard work though. On another forum last year, we were discussing the "Hays Code" (which restricted what could be shown in American cinema during the 30s, 40s and 50s), and in particular the ludicrous stipulation that couples had to keep one foot on the floor during bedroom scenes. One of the participants commented "I shall be damned if I can remember the 1970s comedy in which the central couple tested if it was physically possible to have sex that way". I couldn't remember it either. It took me about fifteen minutes of furious googling to come up with the answer, but I eventually got there... House Calls with Walter Matthau and Glenda Jackson

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Re: Found, thanks to the internet

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I could have answered that for you:
Yes, it is!

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