The BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Four Albums 1968-1978

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The BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Four Albums 1968-1978

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Thanks to an extremely kind acquaintance, my copy of thus new Record Store Day 6-disc boxed set has now arrived... and it is wonderful! Some of this material I've been hoping to get nice restored copies of for years, and this easily exceeded my expectations.

This disc which I was keenest to get was Peter Howell's "Through a Glass Darkly"; the original vinyl is a treasured possession and I have listened to it so many times over the last 40-odd years, particularly the amazing "Lyrical Adventure" track on Side A. And after all those years of listening to digital and cassette copies made increasingly sparingly from the LP, hearing a fully restored version has been sheer delight. Not only am I hearing the notes so clearly, I'm hearing the shape of the notes in a way I don't think I've done in decades. And to have an entire alternate version of it is an unexpected bonus.

"The Changes" and "Fourth Dimension" are similarly quite brilliant to hear - making this a remarkable set. In addition, the sleeve notes are evocative and informative at every level.

All in all, one of the happiest audio acquisitions that I can recall. Hope everyone else is enjoying it as well.

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Re: The BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Four Albums 1968-1978

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Thanks for the heads up on this. Through a GD is wonderful!

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