Your childhood comics.

From Buster to Wizard (I couldn't think of any comics beginning with 'A' and 'Z'...)
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Re: Your childhood comics.

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As a child i had Eagle comic, wish i had saved them, then as a teenager mid 60s i loved horror films and would bike 7 miles to a stall on market days to buy Famous monsters of filmland magazine edited by Forest j ackerman and published by Warren publishing, featuring Universal movies starring the likes of Boris karloff, Bela lugosi etc, Castle of frankenstein was a very informative mag i loved containing less juvenile puns, and 2 comic book style mags called Creepy and Eerie also published by warren.

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Private Frazer
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Re: Your childhood comics.

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The Beano recently celebrated its 80th Anniversary
Dick Dastardley and Mutley in Wacky Races have more than a passing resemblance to their Dennis and Gnasher. I remember mostly, however, how strange the world of The Numbskulls seemed and how funny Colonel Blink the short sighted gink was in their earlier appearances in The Beezer; must have bought that more than the Beano.
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Re: Your childhood comics.

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The Numbskulls fascinated me, as a concept. (I liked their two-tone artwork, too).
Blinky was great. I wonder if anyone found him 'offensive'?

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Re: Your childhood comics.

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Yes, I remember the Numskulls (I think that was the spelling) from The Beezer, which I had delivered every week. Didn't realize they'd transferred to The Beano.

Did those little men living in the various "departments" have "Numskulls" of their own, I wonder?

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Don Satchley
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Re: Your childhood comics.

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When I was little my mum bought me Buttons comic. It usually featured Postman Pat and other BBC childrens' programmes.

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Re: Your childhood comics.

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I didn't really buy comics that much as a kid. I remember picking up the odd one like a Bugs Bunny comic or something similar. I don't remember there being a lot around at the stores I use to spend money at and I think by the time I went into an actual book store I was around 12,13 or 14. By then I wasn't interested in comics. I think if you were a kid growing up in the UK, you had far more sources to buy comics at than I recall as a kid growing up in Canada.

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