Colourising old comics

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Richard Charles Skryngestone
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Colourising old comics

Post by Richard Charles Skryngestone »

I have been snapping up IDW's colourised(or 'colorized' as they call it) reprints of old Doctor Who Weekly/Monthly/Magazine comics. I have been thoroughly enjoying these(no pink Cybermen!), and was actually quite surprised, as I have a dislike for colourising old movies. These are not the only old comics originally printed in b&w that have since been colourised that i have bought and found myself enjoying.

I am curious as to others thoughts on old b&w comics getting colour. Do others like it? Think that it removes the feel of the original? And can anyone name any really bad examples(like the pink Cybermen mentioned earlier)?
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Brian F
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Re: Colourising old comics

Post by Brian F »

Having been an addict of Marvel comics (US originals) in my teens, when everyone who worked on the artwork :- pencils, inks, color and lettering were credited I found it more disturbing to see early ones reprinted in the UK with just the ink outlines (often extended badly to fit new picture shapes) and no colour. Even worse where the comics printed with 3 inks (no black).

I think that as the colour is added after the pencil and inks those you referred to would would cause no problem. In fact without seeing the original artwork it would be hard to tell when the colour was added or even if it had been removed on original printing as the example I quoted.

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Re: Colourising old comics

Post by orlock »

Funnily enough my teens were spent being obsessed with Marvel UK BW titles as the color versions were hard to find. Years letter I eventually sold my Marvel UK and bought the colour US equivalents. For me the colour worked better. However that said the early issues of the B/W Dracula Lives were excellent consisting of Mike Ploog's work on Werewolf by Night and Frankenstein's Monster and Gene Colan on Tomb of Dracula. Here the black and white really suited the subject matter far more than the color versions. They appeared like old Universal monsters pictures.

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Re: Colourising old comics

Post by TonyCurrie »

Worst of all were those British Superman annuals from the 'fifties and 'sixties, put out by Atlas Publishing. Having removed all the proper colour they then added spot colours - sometimes red and blue and sometimes (for Green Arrow strips) green and yellow. The spot colours were crude and unnatural and wrecked the artwork!

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Re: Colourising old comics

Post by ctraynor »

I had mixed feelings when Dr Who Classic Comics colourised the b&w Troughton and Pertwee stories but it was just so great to see the reprints of those old strips. My only regret is that Dr Who Classic Comics didn't carry on for a few more issues and pack in some of the key late 60s Troughton strips, like Invasion of the Quarks (the one where the Doctor meets Jamie in a Highlands castle after leaving John and Gillian behind at university on another planet, real sob stuff losing those two stalwarts), and Ice Cap Terror, and The Night Walkers (the one about the scarecrows coming to life).

Would also have loved to see early Pertwee stuff from TV Comic, The Multi Mobile, The Fishmen of Carpantha, and the filings-from-the- meteorite story. That last one was almost gritty in the Inferno mould.

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Re: Colourising old comics

Post by Shaqui »

Archaia have remastered and colourised the Space 1999 strips from Look-in and the US Charlton comics and magazines. A shame that the main compilation of what is obviously a major labour of love, and which has just been released, squashes the pages to fit an American graphic novel format. ... space+1999

Also not so sure about changing and adding to the narratives, but I'm some fans will be over the moon (no pun intended)...

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