Challenge is now on Freesat

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Challenge is now on Freesat

Post by Cheeseford »

Flicking idly through the channels on my Humax Freesat box, I'm delighted to find that Challenge has joined the Freesat EPG. This means I can set Bob's Full House to "record series". Previously, watching/recording it meant switching into non-Freesat mode and doing everything manually, which was a pain in the cock.
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Re: Challenge is now on Freesat

Post by Al Dupres »

It came on Freesat last Monday, together with Pick TV and Sky News (I bored Twitter to death with retweets from Freesat HQ the previous Friday when it was announced).

My guess is that Sky have found Freeview is a useful marketing tool, and feel Freesat will be the same, by plugging programmes only available on the subscription channels (they like to advertise Sky Living a lot, I see).


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