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Twenty Years On

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Does anyone remember this series of late-night discussion programmes fronted by David Frost in the 1980s? I've found a billing here: ... rd_1985/41

I don't think they were ever networked - it was a TVS production, also shown in the LWT region and maybe a couple of other regions as well. It was meant to be about how Britain had progressed since the Sixties, although I never understood whether the title referred to a specific event or was just generic. There was a studio audience, and a different theme each week. I note that the episode billed mentions an appearance by E L Wisty[*], the lugubrious character played by Peter Cook, so there must have been an element of satire as well.

I specifically remember one episode on the subject of "Sex", where Frost signed off with "well we've all had enough of talking about it - now it's time to go off and do it".

[*]Misspelled "Wistey", but that's the TV Times for you...

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